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I think it would be cool to take a day just to discuss whatever methods you have been trying on the Trading Post. What has worked for you, what hasn't, and what you're curious about.


(I'll go first)

I've been playing with flipping exotic level 80 weapons. Some sell, some get stuck in my inventory for days, but then they sell too. A seemingly profitable market but long term investment strategy.

Time to go splurge on more exotics... tootles! Oh and please comment, I'm very curious about your ideas regarding the trading post at this point in the game. Maybe you've had your "eyes" on one particular market that you should be selling right now before the price crashes?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I myself started with the dye market, but now that I have some more gold to invest Im trying the Rune market and the Crafting market....just a bit :P

  1. That1Guy said...:

    Been following you for a long time through wow and d3. Thanks for all your work.

    My guild Arcanix does a weekly podcast. Last week and this week I was on it talking about making money in general in gw2 and gave out some specifics that have been working for me.

    Part 1

  1. Adam Wakerman said...:

    Ectos are still providing to be a great market. I'm maybe not making 10g a night but the generous 2-3 gold is not bad at all. Still a bit too nervous to dig into the exotic market. Don't have the nerves for it perhaps :P

    The beauty of ectos are that they branch into other markets. So getting ectos for less than the cost price (farming, salvage, ext) is a profit on its own but it can be latched onto crafting for even more possible profit. Also Mystic forge creations. There are so many little steps needed to craft an exotic/rare item, each with a possible profit margin. Spidey has been invaluable in this regard.

  1. flipsix3.co.uk said...:

    Ectos is one I want to look into, although last night (my first run at flipping etc) the margins didn't seem that great - what sort of returns were you looking at per unit?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I only started following this guide 4 days ago, so I'm still a newbie when it comes to this. First day I really diversified my porfolio a bunch because I wasn't confident. At the time, Copper Bands were about 40% of Buy Instantly cost, so I flipped about a gold of those which was easily my biggest profit.

    I moved onto gear, and made about a gold flipping mid-range green weapons, mostly mighty. That felt worse than the copper bands flip though.

    Yesterday I did Dye to a huge success. I tried to repeat that success last-night/this morning, but apparantly it caught on because my listed orders are now buried under 20 buy orders that wont even turn a decent profit =P

    Gonna try moving up to some 60-80 rares today, I guess we'll see how it goes. I've yet to find a consistent market. I wanted to try ectos too, because of their high demand, but it's a loss to try and flip them at the moment.

  1. Captain said...:

    If been trying pretty much a little bit of everything lately, just looking where a margin is big enough.
    I tried flipping exotics once, but I got nervous as someone undercut me etc...

    @That1Guy: I really enjoyed your podcast! Although they haven't been all that crazy like some earlier ones (don't get me wrong, Tristan making weird stuff while you go over spreadsheets is awesome :D) those two episodes where very imformative to watch. Keep it up!

  1. Wolfox said...:

    At the moment I´m just hanging arround at flipping T5 craft materials in huge amounts. (( Sitting at nearly 20.000 crafting materials )) Not quite sure how long this will work, but at the moment it is a fantastic market with a nice daily income.

    But I´m thinking, if I can catch my gold coins today, I will enter the exotic market.

    @Flipsix: I´m looking for everything above a margin about 40%, so you will have always at least 25% profit.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think exo weap market is very dangerous. It's low supply market, so playing with it actually is a gambling on whenever prices will go up, or go down. I'm ticking to 5-10s opportunities for now, much safer to play, but less margin.

  1. Backthief said...:

    I´ve been selling thousands of Spool of Jute and Wool everyday. I usually buy from NPC to get a 10-20% profit, or place orders for lower than NPC value to profit 20-30%. The profit % isnt great, but the volume and quickness of sales are fantastic.

  1. Cassium said...:

    Mystic forge gambling. Takes a pretty big investment to start with and be able to last through the bad streaks, but can make some really good profit. Made about 12g in profit on this pic:

  1. flipsix3 said...:

    Yeah Wolfox, that's what I aim for, I was just intrigued by the Ectos idea - as the buy and sell only seem a few copper apart at the moment

  1. Semi said...:

    Exotics market is not really dangerous as long as you are patient. Follow one simple rule: put buy orders in the evening (gmt time), put sell offers about 4pm (gmt), as the prices will reach peak then. Also - be patient. It may take even 2 days (in rare cases a week) for an exotic to sell, but it will sell eventually.
    Lately I started flipping lvl 70-80 rares (you'd be amazed how fast these can sell). I order about 100 unique items, at least 60 of them are finalized, and 99% sells in 1st day.
    My gf started having fun in rare dyes market (we are reselling different items so we won't outbid ourselves), and she's making really nice profit from it.
    Also - buying logs and selling planks - I'm doing it since the very launch of TP(buy logs over night, sell planks during price peak hours).

  1. Rotcus said...:

    I tried the forge last night with varying success. I forged rare weapons. Had a great streak to start, but broke even or lost a little by the end. I only invested 5g in it though. I need to build my base cash before attempting again as the RNG can mess with you in low volumes.

  1. Jay said...:

    I have been looking into items that had very little use. Such as Giant Eyes. I made a killing from them with the last update on Oct 7th. I would of made even more if I would of not sold so quicky.

    I was getting them for 1 silver 40 copper. They are now worth like 13 silver last time I checked...

    Any crafting materials that are used in a small amount of recipes for crafting or at the mystic forge might be worth an investment.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    any idea why mystic coins just shot up? Im sitting on 1000 I bought at 1s so im liking this trend lol

  1. Pieter said...:

    any tools available for peak hours? and any tools for trendwatching? (what has a product done over the last hours/days/weeks?

    I been trying to flip dye's but they are not selling fast enough. Now looking into crafting materials...

    Anyone has any ideas about a product or range thereof on which i can make quick small margin profits? I monitor the TP all day long, and need a product that goes rappidly from hand to hand.

    Tnx in advance for any remarks.

  1. Nyth said...:

    I personally started out with flipping some copper ore; and after that moved to the more profitable market of cooking ingredients.

    Haven't really explored beyond that though, mostly due to lack of time and not wanting to take huge risks.
    Still looking for a way to make the profit in bigger chunks though. Could go into exotics, but the prices fluctuate so much at times I'm afraid to go into it with not that much money as backup.

  1. Sprinks Vosa said...:

    I had mild success flipping exotics about 3 weeks ago, but have since moved on. While I made money, I felt it was a bit risky.

    Recently I've been buying up some of the T6 materials and crafting them into bolts / sections / etc. I'm really all over the place - dyes, rares, etc. I've actually had quite a bit of success flipping 60-80 rares.

    @Thatoneguy - also enjoyed the podcasts. I'm on Yak's as well. ;D

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I am kind of doing any rare armor from level 65-80 as well as weapons as long as the profit is good, but I do get so tired of having to make hundreds of buy orders. The question I have is due to undercutting. What do you guys do once you've had a weapon or armor get moved to 30th place in line? Do you sit there and wait it out or do you take it off and repost it?

  1. Turshija said...:

    Farm orichalcum ore and ancient saplings :)
    People make maps like on site gwshack.info (this is only for Gandara server), and you can farm all ore nodes (you get around 36 ores) and if you have more characters on high level, for example 3 characters farm more than 100 ores per day which is around 6-7 gold per day if you sell saplings + omnomberies too ...
    It takes you around 1-2 hours per day for that ritual :)

  1. Jay said...:

    Semi is right, exotic market isn't too bad if your patient. Personally I've had a couple of loses from people undercutting you but as long as your patient and smart, the exotic market is SICK. The money is insane! Lol but aside from that, don't completely put all your effort into exotix. I try a combination of some masterwork upgrades, along with dyes and consumables. They work like a charm and the odd rare or two helps too. Remember, buying large quantities always the best way to go. Buying 2-5 of each item sometimes works better, because it minimizes lose and also keeps the variety there so if someone is undercutting you, you'd have back up :p hope this helps!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Dye market is pretty much dead now. Too many people caught on. Now the profit margins are somewhere in the 5-10% range for most of them and they don't flip as quickly as crafting mats which produce similar profit margins. It's unfortunate, but it IS a global economy, I'm sure they'll have their time in the sun sometime again in the future.

  1. That1Guy said...:

    Opening loot bags is still working for me, as is turning raw mats into 2nd level crafting items like logs to planks and ore to ingots. I also like making parts of a finished crafting item like sword hilts, coat panels, boot soles, etc.

    @Anon about mystic coins. I have found that any mention of something that is selling makes that item shoot up in price because people jump on the bandwagon.

    I mentioned in the part2 of the podcasts I linked higher up that mystic coins would be a good long term investment and listed quite a few reasons why I think so. With the exposure the videos have gotten I feel that some people are taking my advice and eating up the supply. Too bad I only have about 100 of the coins and need to use them myself. I should have taken my other advice and stockpiled before mentioning them lol.

    Also for anyone on Yak's Bend please show up on the 20th for the pink day in LA to support breast cancer that we are helping sponsor on the server. There will be prizes given out and lots of fun stuff to do.

    our link is here

    If you aren't on Yak's Bend there is a list of other guilds helping out on other servers and a way to contact the people running it to get it to your own server if you want to help out.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    For some reason the trading posts seems to occasionally glitch for me, and even though I have say 83 silver in my pick up, my transactions shows that I've only sold for example 20 Sharp Fangs since the last time I've emptied it (I check it after every empty).

    This is particularly annoying because I don't know which of my items are selling, so I don't know which markets are currently doing well.

    Does anybody else have this problem? And if so, how do you deal with it?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It's just glitch, you must check in actually selling list what u sold, cause it's not refreshing someties . After night sold list is fully refreshed for me and I can see when and what I sold.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    There are currently some rumours on a few different forums (along with screenshots up at http://imgur.com/a/RJRh1) of possible Halloween content that might have been released prematurely. From the looks of it you'll be able to make a chest at the mystic forge similar to the Mystic Chest, but using cinnamon sticks this time. Not sure how reliable a tip this is, but I know a lot of people are buying up cinnamon now just in case it's true, and I admit I've invested in a couple of stacks myself (although at 5s a stack, storing it quickly becomes a problem).

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Some guy trying to run up the price of cinnamon stacks to sell it.

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