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System for Making Gold

Have you read these three articles? They should create for you a system for making gold:

1. How to Flip
2. How to Determine Number of Flips
3. When to Cancel Buy and Sell Orders

Those three are a great start, but what happens 48 hours later when you forget all the items you successfully sold? Do you have to start over from scratch? NO! You can use your "Items I've Sold" list to determine what to place a buy order on once more.

Step 1: Look at your Items I've Sold list.
Step 2: Select the first item.
Step 3: Look at the buy orders and listed items for sale to determine if it is worth flipping.
Step 4: Place a buy order for at least 5 of the item.
Step 5: Click a different tab (any tab) and then go back to the My Transactions section and select Items I've Sold from the drop down menu.

It sucks that you have to click off the My Transactions tab and then go back to it, but there is currently no other way to go from selling an item in there back to the way it normally looks. You'll see what I mean when you go to try this for yourself.

If you're stuck on what to sell or can't remember what you've sold recently, try this method! It's allowing me to make tons of gold every 10 minutes flipping dozens of items. Sometimes I just go back a random number of pages in the Items I've Sold list and pick markets I haven't tried in a while.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    All your tips have been great Markco,thanks for all the effort you have put into all your blogs, emails and the forums. And the fact that you reply to emails and ingame mail. I have looked at other gold making methods, but never tried them. This is working so well, i dont need to. I have made a heap of gold now. For those who haven't had a chance to have a look at flipping items on this blog. Take the time to read it, for those who havent subscribed to the blog and forums. It is worth it.

    Peace and God Bless


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