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Trading Post Fee Calculator

Download my Trading Post Fee Calculator that I use. I have the luxury of two screens, but if you don't, then please use your cell phone or calculator. The formulas are custom built by me and I have thoroughly tested them. All you have to do is enter the gold, silver, and copper price, then watch as the spreadsheet instantly calculates how much money you will make once trading post fees are taken out. There's even a cheat sheet going down the left side of the spreadsheet, with 1 to 99 copper already calculated so you don't have to type it in.

Why did I create this spreadsheet? Because I've seen emails with people who break even on the trading post or sometimes lose money. They usually want to know how to stop this from happening.

I use the multiply by .85 rule, which simply means that you need to multiply the price of the item by .85 to see what you will get back for selling at that amount.

If an item is going for 1 silver, I convert to copper (100 copper = 1 silver) and multiply by .85. So I get 85 copper back each time I sell an item for 1 silver. This is all fees, both the 5% listing and 10% successful put together.

So next time you're going to sell an item, do a quick multiplication by .85. Be sure to convert to copper or silver any time you are doing the math as well. And please make use of my trading post fee calculator!


  1. Michael Smith said...:

    One thing I've been doing lately is finding out what I want to get out of an item and divide by .85 instead of multiplying. This tells me what I should post to get that return. Example: I want to get 1 silver out of an item. 1/0.85= approx 1S 18C... If I post that on the TP, I'm guaranteed a Silver after taxes are taken out when the item is sold.

  1. Thanks for providing a spreadsheet, but I already have my Trade Post calculator at "tpcalc.com". =P

  1. Markco said...:

    You cab print my cheat sheet as well so you can use tpcalc less.

  1. Adam Wakerman said...:

    I'm guilty of being a bit lay here. I usually hunt for items where I know I'll get a 50% return before deductions. So it takes into account the 15% and possible change in price. I know this greatly reduces my options, but what's interesting is that there are still a few opportunities even with such a steep price difference.

    Mental note - Need to be less lazy to become rich :D

  1. Angelo Melonas said...:

    Before I even discovered either of these calculators I made my own spreadsheet. It's much easier to keep track of what you buy/sell :)

  1. Imbrifer said...:

    I highly recommend using an excel calculator not only for making sure you make a decent profit, but also to keep track of things you've sold over time. Looking back and reviewing the items you've successfully sold in the past is very informative and helpful in future gold making endeavors.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Just an FYI... Im sure all of you know this, but when you price set in the auction house, there is a calculated fee number per item. I just deduct that from the price I am going to sell each item for then compare that with the sell price in my bags. Its alot simpler than trying to multiple by .85 every time you intend to sell something.

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