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What to do with High Level Materials

As more and more players reach level 80 in Guild Wars 2, we are beginning to see prices drop for high end materials such as globs of ectoplasm and orichalcum ore. This is no accident, as there literally aren't enough ways to get these out of the economy at the moment and make up for the massive number of players farming them. I can see these items dropping by as much as another 33% by Christmas at the current rate of decline. Of course I'm assuming that Arenanet does not intervene between now and then.

So what should you be doing to counteract this loss in value across all top end materials? Like most of my advice, I would say that diversifying is your best mode for success.

Take 50% of your farmed or purchased high end materials and flip them at today's current price.
The other 50%? Take it and craft some useful level 80 items.

This post was in response to an email I received on the issue, but I'm having trouble locating the author. Sorry!


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