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Why I'm Still Flipping on the Trading Post

An anonymous comment recently talked about how the best way to make gold in Guild Wars 2 is through crafting. I have to agree, especially with all the tools out there that enable you to track prices and figure out the best items to craft at this very moment. However, I'm still flipping because most players who come to this website need fast gold. They're broke and have but a few gold to invest. I want to help those people out more before I start moving into the really crazy gold making strategies surrounding crafting and salvaging.

If you are going to get into the crafting market, be sure to utilize the tools that I mention in my email series (for subscribers of this blog), as well as understand what items salvage into what materials. In almost all cases, you can salvage weapons/armor into the materials you need at a cheaper rate than buying them outright (provided that you use buy orders to obtain the items worth salvaging).

Let's say it costs 35 copper buy orders for the particular cloth you need to craft with. There also happen to be weapons and armor selling at 25 copper that can salvage into those materials. After factoring the cost of buying the item, the chance of salvaging what you need, and the cost for each salvage kit, you may find that you're getting 70+ copper worth of the material you need at less than half the normal cost.

Be sure to use basic salvage kits when you are just looking at getting basic materials for crafting.

That is the secret crafters are using to make so much gold in Guild Wars 2. They're cutting costs by salvaging and even by using cheaper salvage kits. But I'm still flipping, because I want players to understand this part of the game before they move on to crafting. We'll get there soon enough, don't worry. For those of you ahead of the class, enjoy your crafting profits!

Even though I currently have a handful of crafting methods that are working, I still flip every day for a good 15 to 30 minutes. Why? Because the money is still really good, and it's good to diversify.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Im flipping a lot now thx to this Blog :)and I was planning to see what I could do with crafting so im looking forward to reading stuff about that on the blog.
    Btw Marcko, is it correct that your email tips have stopped a few days ago?

  1. Loreth Rex said...:

    Could you tell me what's the best way to sell 80lv exotic armors/weapons? Should i always undercut by 1b and wait? I issued nika's coat yesterday for 25,5g and 3 ppl undercut me this night, same thing happened with many other exotics.What to do now? Did i have chance to sell this in ~7days without cancelling sell order (is there critical moment when I should do this)? Many questions, but hope you will tell me something helpful :)

  1. Markco said...:

    If you made it to like day 9, I still haven't added the next batch. They will probably be crafting tips and possibly my current farming route. Sorry I've had a lot of drama irl recently and it slowed my email writing down temporarily.

  1. Markco said...:

    I will create a post on selling exotics. It definitely is different from all other markets because of how expensive they are. Actually, I may have to make it a private tip for blog subscribers in my autoresponder.

  1. Randy said...:

    Just started really flipping buy orders last night on an alt. It is amazingly fun. I started with 32s at level 6 and spent it 3x in two hours which brought me to 1 gold. In two more hours, I had 2 gold. I put in one more gold on buy orders before I went to bed so I can't wait to get home and check and see what happened. This was flipping level 10 blue gear, level 20 blue gear and I just started with level 30 green gear.

    Thank you. I love the website and I just subscribed to your e-mails and blogs. Can't wait to see more.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    If my math is correct, I've started days ago by putting my own 40g into bank and used 2g to start flipping. 4-5 days passed and these 2g turned into 24-25g (waiting my orders to get sold).

    Right now my market slowly loses it's profit, and need for pumping more profit faster steadily rising (I think 25g would be enough to cover whole market i'm using). Thank you Markco, definetely waiting for "Big Plays" tips.

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