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30 Markets in 30 Days: #1

This 30 day series of posts will showcase my absolute favorite items to flip in Guild Wars 2. If you need help identifying what's worth playing, or just need ideas of where to get started, then this is the place for you. Also keep in mind that a lot of the items worth flipping are also worth crafting!

Market #1: Carnelian Silver Stud of Strength

This sells so well because rares also start appearing around this level. Wait a second, but this is a masterwork right?! Yeah, and it sells great because people don't want to spend as much for an upgrade as the rares costs. Once you have a handful of markets like this one, you can realistically earn 50 silver a day flipping them. I place 25 buy orders per market and cancel/recreate the buy orders every 12-24 hours. Explore a bit and find other, similar markets.

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For the rest of the 30 markets, check back regularly and look at the "30 Markets in 30 Days" label on this site.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    My favorite too! enjoying while saving poor souls ^^ comunity is great in GW, so its even more satisfying to ress someone!

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