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Favorite Activity in Guild Wars 2

I gotta ask, what is your favorite thing to do in Guild Wars 2? Personally, I love to run around the map farming until I see someone in dire need of help. Then I charge head long into battle with little concern for my own safety. To me, it is so much fun rescuing a person who thinks they are totally screwed over and doomed to die.

Maybe you thought I was going to say something about making gold or getting great flips. No, I definitely enjoy the "THANK YOU!" that comes after rescuing someone from certain death.

Alright, your turn. What is your favorite thing to do in Guild Wars 2?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Honestly, what you said is the exact same thing I love about the game.

    Especially when I see someone trying to solo a champ mob but is downed. I can blink in out of nowhere, knock the mob back, distract it with my mesmer clones, get the other player back up and duo the champ together. I have a blast with that.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I enjoy soloing champion event monsters with my thief, nothing more rewarding then not getting hit once while taking on a hard boss

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It has to be solo-ing champs for myself or even better a mini dungeon such as the grawl cave in frostgorge.

    Cant beat the feeling of solo-ing a mini dungeon full of vets and champs.

  1. I love accidentally running in to a champ mob and then when someone comes along teaming up with the random for a while. It restores my faith in humanity that little bit after a bad day.

  1. Arsh said...:

    I love accidentally happening upon a secret place or a nifty area! When my guild first started (headstart, 4 players), we started through the Caledon forest since 3 of us picked Sylvari. We were fighting a big group of mobs along the left wall of the map and I was playing my engineer who had terrible luck. I almost died and ended up backing out of the fight, being pursued and using my flamethrower on the mob chasing me. I finally got knocked down, rallied and looked around and I was alone. My group was still fighting on the other side of a bunch of foliage. But I was somewhere different. I saw a crack in the wall, and inside were glowing panels... It seemed almost like I'd found a hole in the wall and could see the secret controls that ran the world... In the middle of a land where even the "man-made" structures were actually grown naturally... this was unique. I'd never seen anything like it! I climbed up into the hole, and gazed, transfixed at the glowing panels and lights and ... metal creatures... constructs?
    My group finally caught up to me and came around the corner asking why I was all the way over here... and then suddenly all of us were amazed together. What had we found? It was a mystery...
    We played with a control panel and found that if we touched this mark here, glowing lights would appear in the sky, almost looking like a panel you could step on. We decided to be brave and jumped onto one and found they were solid! And our adventure continued for quite some time as we peeled back the layers of the mystery. I won't say what we found there. I hope you'll find it for yourself.

    We adore the little mysteries, the sudden surprises... the unexpected incredible things we find just wandering around with open eyes and a total lack of rush.

    I suppose the answer is, my favorite activity in GW2 is "discovery". :)

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