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Has ArenaNet Googled their Trading Post?

I'm serious when I ask, has ArenaNet Googled the phrase "Guild Wars 2 Trading Post" yet? I only say this because I would love to speak with their resident economist about how this game is playing out right now, as well as ways to improve the current state of multiple neglected markets.

If I were able to speak to AreaNet, what would you like me to ask them? Leave a comment below, and who knows, maybe the "they" who make decisions will read it.

You may feel a little skeptical right now, but I can assure you that your comment will see its way to ArenaNet eventually. When I wrote for my World of Warcraft blog, I was shocked to receive emails from Blizzard employees about what I wrote. These companies mostly just observe the internet response to their games without getting too involved on that front. But that doesn't mean they are glazing over complaints or ignoring great suggestions. So let yourself be heard in the comments below. Express yourself, bring new ideas to light, or identify criticisms that you feel ArenaNet needs to see. I will be forwarding the information in an email tomorrow.

Thanks for reading (You too ArenaNet employees!),



  1. Hatchy said...:

    My biggest concern is the long term. As people continue to hit max level on their mains and alts, the demand for many items will dwindle. Sigils, weapons, crafting materials will no longer be necessary except for the minority still leveling an alt (I'm speaking months and months down the road.)Once you have aquired your magic find set/dungeon set/pvp set, you don't really need much more.

    One thing I would really like to see are unique skins that are acquired through events/drops/champions at a low drop rate. I feel it would help keep people still interested enough in PvE and it definitely appeals to the greed in us all in hopes of "getting rich quick."

    That being said, the economy of the game is in a great place. There are plenty of ways to make gold for those who put forth the effort.

    Great job on the new blog as well, Markco. I feel like I'm starting to stalk you :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Is it true that Jeremy Soule won't work for GW2 anymore? :(

  1. Loreth Rex said...:

    Well, I don't have to much ideas about TP, just small improves to "my transaction" list, maybe adding something like "my favorite trades/items" list. But most of all I wanna statistics improve for legendaries. Seriously, they should have higher dmg, power etc. than exotics, not only different look to make them more rewarding for hard work invested in their creation.

  1. drizzzle said...:

    Flipping and playing the trading post are fun, but in the end, I agree with Hatchy. Once the majority of people hit level cap, the demand for lower level items will decrease dramatically. It's in these markets where flipping items can be really profitable.

    What about crafting? I was kind of disappointed with this. I have maxed out two crafts - cooking and tailoring. I was extremely disappointed with tailoring due to the fact that all end game light armors look horrid. For that matter, most armors along the way looked horrid as well. In other games, a big source of income was rummaging through whatever mats I had hoarded up and turning them into something I could sell for a profit. This was usually a desirable skin. I looked at doing that with my tailoring mats in this game and the results were depressing. The same goes for cooking. None of the low level cooking items are worth anything except to those that are leveling cooking. The low level recipes are pointless. The end game recipes seem to be so expensive to craft that I will only be using that craft to make my own supplies rather than making supplies to sell for a profit.

    Between this and their systems for diminished returns which discourage farming, I have to wonder how much they really want people to spend real money on gems and convert that into gold and that really depresses me. I want to spend my real money on vanity items(skins, pets, mounts) or boosts. I don't want to feel like I need to spend real money just to survive in game. Honestly, I would rather pay a subscription cost than resort to that.

    I'd like to end this comment with a question. Other than flipping and farming, how else are people making money in game? How much per day on average are people making?

    Good luck to everyone out there and thanks to Markco for all of the useful information!

  1. Doug Grubbs said...:

    RE: Hatchy

    Maybe a way to improve the lower armor value would be to impliment an armor leveling system, like being able to level up lower armor to the next level for a skill point with the chance of getting random perks each time it is leveled. Start with a level 1 armor set and drop 80 points into it to get something unique and potentially useful, maybe a mix of stats that isn't available from the standard armor sets.

    I'm not sure this would work as great as I envision it, but it would be another money/time sink for those that are already maxxed out on alts...

  1. Markco said...:

    Why then is copper ore still one of the top sellers on the trading post?

  1. Jamarques said...:

    I make money, by making sets of armor, I do no farming. I have found what sells and make like 35% profit on each piece I craft.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Easy options:

    -Favorite tab
    -Previous/Next buttons (kind of like a browser, so u don't have to do the clicking other tabs trick)
    -Option to select type of armour (heavy/medium/light) or wearable checkbox
    -List the Lowest 3 seller in stead of the Lowest (so u can see if somebody decided to drop the price by 3 silver)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Dont worry about low level mats being non profitable, if you look at any other mmos economy the low level mats are always profitable because there will always be someone at the top wanting to powerlevel their profession. In fact the prices normally go up once more people hit level cap as the demand outweighs supply.

  1. Hatchy said...:

    I think copper ore is still a top seller because the game is still in it's infancy stage. The game is still less than three months old so people are naturally still leveling their tradeskills and alts. What happens 6 months down the road? What happens when most people have leveled their alts/tradeskills away from copper ore? There is no demand for the ore outside of the beginning stages.

    I really feel adding new and unique skins would benefit the game and economy. Even having new craftable skins that require T1-T5 materials would help keep demand for the lower level crafting materials.

    After playing around on the TP last night, I do feel they could make a few changes there as well. It's not near as bad as Diablo 3's auction house at release but there are a multitude of improvements that need to be made that would benefit us AH barons and casuals alike.

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