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I think that Dan hit the nail on the head with this email:

"Hey Markco

I will try to make this sound minimally sycophantic. Your blog on trading has rejuvenated my interest in gw2. Some of your posts have put into words trends that I was seeing but not recognizing.  I am genuinely thankful that you went to the effort of making the blog.
As far as my own trading I am making around 1-4g a day trading insignia, inscriptions and yellows. Exotics are trade-able but I hate the idea of tying up a 10ish gold for a night in competitive buy orders when I can make at least 20% of that in smaller markets.

Regarding future directions for your blog.

Perhaps you can talk/advise about situations where you are heavily undercut. Sometimes if I am undercut by 30-40% I will buy those and re-list them at my price. The reverse is also applicable. Some insignia have buy orders around 70c and sell orders of 10s (if you care I can look up which insignia this was). I was putting orders at 1s and repeatedly selling within minutes at 5s. I swear the people selling at 10s where buying me up as soon I listed ^^

Talking about player psychology and greed might be interesting. I keep telling my friends that it’s important not to be greedy. Just because you see a sell order that is 300% of the buy doesn’t mean you will sell at that price.  You only make profit when you actually sell, until then it’s a loss.

I'll join the forum these holidays.


You're absolutely right Dan, although I think that in some cases your reasoning that people buy you out because you're too cheap is wrong. You are getting bought out because people are not willing to buy at the price above you! Especially when it comes to materials for crafting, most intelligent players will realize that they can craft the stuff themselves instead of buying at exorbitant prices. That item going for 20 silver can be crafted after buying the materials for like 15 silver. So you buying at 10 silver from those who just have extra and are dumping will sell best when flipped for under 15 silver. See the reasoning there?

For whatever the reason, there is an opportunity to sell your items faster by accepting a lower profit margin. Great point!


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