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Thanks again for reading this blog. If you've been on the email list for a bit then you've probably heard me say "What can I do to help you?" more than a few times. I'd like to repeat that same question here, and try my best to answer your inquiries publicly.

So feel free to leave comments after reading this post, and I'll do my best to direct you to the proper links or other websites for answers. Now that my favorite question is out of the way, I'd like to talk to you about blogging.

Guild Wars 2 needs more bloggers. Period. I'm not saying that the current ones are bad, far from it, but there should be way more of them. When I look for blogs about this game, or even individual professions, I get mostly spam and garbage websites attempting to sell gold. Or worse, autoblogs peddling adsense all over the screen. We can change that by doing two things:

1. Improving the Google ranking of Guild Wars 2 blogs that already exist.

2. Getting you to blog if you don't already.

There are many incentives for blogging, and I understand that for most bloggers their website is a journal and hot spot for interacting with friends. They care little about "making it big" or becoming popular. Just a little social interaction and the occasional comment is enough to keep them going. Unfortunately, that kind of attitude doesn't get you to number one on Google.

Type in Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide. You'll see a familiar face (this website). I got there even though I started blogging about GW2 a week or two before it came out. There were already many established sites and lots of go-lucky bloggers that I already mentioned previously. Yet here we are today as the number one site. That is no accident, and it makes me really happy because I get to help people by showing them posts like my Flipping Guide. If I wasn't so far up the Google food chain, there would be only a handful of people utilizing my posts.

OK, so I can get there, but can I show others how to do it, including you? I believe that I can, and over the course of two months I put together a video series on how to do it. During two hours of videos and 300 pages of bonus material, I go through the secrets that you must understand to dominate Google and even make money online if that's your cup of tea. While this may seem overwhelming, I do my best to break each lesson up into a manageable chunk of useful, action-able information. So you won't be drooling in front of the computer screen for a few hours wondering if you'll ever remember anything I say.

With this new course, entitled So You Think You Can Blog and hosted on Udemy, I hope to help existing and future Guild Wars 2 websites to be successful. I am an anomaly in the blogging world, and over the past few years I've come to realize ten core reasons why that is so. You'll learn those and a hell of a lot more with this course.

So if you have some cash sitting around (I understand that most people don't, so I do consult and write about blogging on my Traffic Blogger for free), take a look at So You Think You Can Blog.

Thanks, and don't forget to leave gold making questions in the comments below.


  1. Shane Sick said...:

    hmm interesting.... I have dabbled in internet marketing a bit in the past with no results. Never really thought about blogging since i am not that great of a writer.

    But grats on being one of the 1%ers its nice to see someone making it online without peddling "make money online" stuff to make money online themselves haha... Wait now you are selling that... well you know what I mean.

  1. Matt (princeofthornes) said...:

    Just opened up this page to check it for the day (probably wont be the last - ive been following this site since i found it at the top of a google search), and saw this post. Its funny that you should mention blogging. Ive recently gone on holiday from my IT course. I had a rough couple of last weeks, where i discovered i wasnt quite doing as well as i could have. A tutor of mine suggested i take the holidays to think over what i want to do with the rest of my study, and he suggested that i write a blog. While this may seem unrelated, it got me thinking. I personally dont see me bloging about myself on a personal level. However, since i got guild wars 2, its pretty much all i can think about. My family is probably going insane at this point because i keep talking about it. So i thought i would look into starting a guild wars 2 blog, i just wasnt sure how to go about it. Im on every day, and ive picked up tones of useful tips and tricks that ive been telling anyone who will listen.
    So currently im using what IT skills i picked up over the last semester to build a website, which i hope to have up and running in a couple of weeks time. Ive already written a few draft for the first blog posts.
    So im glad to see this kind of thing being posted right now. I think it could be just the thing i need to really get motivated and commit to giving something back to the guild wars 2 community :)

  1. Markco said...:

    Haha Shane it is a catch 22 isn't it? I think this video series can help a lot of people, even if it may seem like the old "make money online by making me money online" trick.

    Good to hear Matt, I hope you do go through with the blog and take it seriously. Most bloggers start strong and quit in the first 3 months.

  1. Vors said...:

    Decided yesterday that I would set up a GW2 blog, I come to your site today, and this is the post I find. Can't afford your video series at the moment, but am wading through your other site, it's packed full of useful information, so thank you.

    Just 'finished' my first blog post about crafting, needs a bit more work, but head is spinning with the wealth of information, so will get some artwork done for tomorrow, and more reading.

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