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Middle of the Market

Have we forgotten about the middle? Seriously, is everyone so focused on high level gear and materials that they have forgotten the massive profits to be had from mid level items? While I continue experimenting with crafting (hope to have a whiteboard video soon on that in the forum), the largest profit margins seem to be in the level 30-50 range. Who would have thought right?

It makes sense though. Very few players are travelling through level 30 to 50 zones right now, but those that do want to purchase their gear like everybody else. It's a point in the game where things are hard enough that you must purchase new items, especially if you've gone longer than 10 levels without new shinies.

Since there are few players in those areas, there aren't a lot of the materials entering the trading post. But guess what, high level characters are still trying to level their disciplines that all require materials from there!

Another factor is the fact that we only level through once, yet we need 8 disciplines worth of materials. You will never collect enough on your own from those zones to fulfill that quota. So most players will buy instead of farming. This raises the price of materials, as well as the crafted items you can create with them. In some cases, this actually leads to awesome profits!

So, when you're looking to make money flipping or with a crafting discipline, don't forget about the middle of the market.


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