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Oh No! The Market is Stabilizing!

The person who messaged me to state that all the markets were stabilizing was partially correct. This was a rational, clear thinking person who truly believed there was no way to make gold last Thursday when they messaged me.

He was referring to items selling for one copper more than their vendor price. Obviously that is a market you can't flip at the moment by buying low and selling high. It's a loss if you try that due to trading post fees.

So yes, those markets in particular were not good day trading targets. But they were good for week and long term trading. So you can buy 100 today, sell 100 in a week when the price goes up 8 copper. That's the only way to play markets that are "stable."

The other problem with that statement was the "all" part. No, not every single market is impossible to flip right now. The complete opposite is true! I'm not saying that all the markets you currently know are stabilized, because that absolutely could be true. But make sure that you glance around before making such a statement.

I think I offered truffles, carrots, and sigils of luck as examples of profitable flipping markets he could use on Thursday when he asked. Sorry I forget the name, I get a lot of whispers and I hope this helps so you out.


  1. drizzzle said...:

    I have a question. I have noticed some markets beginning to stabilize, but more so, I have noticed that things will take longer to sell. How long do you typically wait to re-list something?

  1. Markco said...:

    One week (to allow for cycles to take place)

  1. Leo said...:

    Thanks for the post,Marko.I have been followed you for the last 2 weeks and all your guides work amazingly.Started with 30 silver,after 2 weeks,I have more than 3 golds.Now about the Tp,I notice that on last few days,people startes buying by placing oder other than clicking buy instantly.For example,at my sever,cooper has gone up from 20c to 26c by people placing oder.Meanwhile,it still is sold at 29c.The margin profit has been shorten a lot.I have tried different markets.It was good a the start,then the same thing happned again,almost in any market that I know.Right now,I am quite a bit struggle with that.Since I am new and not rich,I have not yet tried exotic market cause I have no idea what is good and what is not.Any advice from you?Thanks a lot

  1. Jamarques said...:

    Who ever said that didn't buy Elab Totems for 4.5 silver this weekend and sell them for 10s today.

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