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Price of Gems During Halloween

Post Halloween analysis is going to prove valuable hopefully because ArenaNet has a bunch of other holidays in store for us. Here's something to note, gems rose from 60 silver to 95 silver per 100.

Remember when I suggested buying gems prior to Halloween and then selling towards the end?

Looks like that could be a really simple method for almost anyone to make gold from holidays in Guild Wars 2. I mean, gems were going up a little bit each week, but a jump from 60 to 95 silver was unprecedented. It's because, as I predicted, holiday events in this world lead to players wasting a lot of gold.

If you have bought 1000 gems at the cost of 60 silver per hundred, then you would have spent 6 gold.

If you then sold at 95 silver per hundred, you would have earned back 9 gold 50 silver. After fees it would be 8 gold 7 silver. Obviously, the more gold you have to invest the better you will be off.

Selling at the end of the holiday, just before it's actually over, is the key. Especially the last weekend if the holiday runs through any friday to sunday periods. That's when the biggest group of players will be on to spend gold and enjoy the festivities.

Moral of the Halloween story is this:
Buy when the holiday is announced, sell when it's the last chance for the most people to play it.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Am I missunderstanding something or do you say that you could actually sell your gems for the same price they cost?
    According to gw2spidy, right now, 100 gems cost 80 silver but can only be sold for 57s80c. So I think it's really hard to actually make money off of selling Gems.
    On the beginning of the event, there was a spike in gem prices where you could sell your gems for around 75 silver, so you needed to buy them for around 63 silver to be even. They costed that much one week before the event began. So to make any profit, you needed to buy them 2 weeks in advance to make profit.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Gem selling doesn't use the TP system, but rather has it's own exchange rate. While gems cost 90 silver /100 to buy, you could only sell them for 65 silver 9 copper. Those 1000 gems would sell for 6 gold, 50 silver, 90 copper total and that's if you sold them at the height of the event. Too much risk for a measly 51 silver profit / 6 gold investment.

  1. Markco said...:

    Yes, but didn't I tell people to start buying gems prior to the event? That was the point... but the most important thing to note right now is that there are more events in the future. So buying now might be a good idea and then sell during the height of the event.

  1. Velo Chen said...:

    It's hard to take the risk of this for me :P Just like the above anonymous mentioned, the tax here is too high. And maybe the player will tend to buy gems with real money(just maybe), so the profit won't as much as expected. For me, it's just about when is the best timing to buy some Gems for my own usage. And it seems a good one now :P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Haven't you just used the normal trading post formula for calculating tax (i.e. either multiplying the buy now price by 0.85 or multiplying the buy offer by 1.15)?

    The tax for selling gems is far larger (between 38 and 39%, to be precise) so the correct formula would be to multiply by either 1.39 or 0.61.

    If you sold your gems at 95 silver per hundred you would have to have bought them at 57.95 silver to break even. Using your initial cost of 60 silver per hundred you would have to sell at 83.4 per hundred to break even.

    Using the price you bought it at you would have only made a profit of 66 silver per 1000 gems, which is a pretty small ROI for 6 gold being tied up for weeks.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What else would you tie your gold up in than gems? Personally I'm stockpiling for Thanksgiving/Christmas, trying to keep my average down.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    personally, i made a lot more gold not investing in gems. problem with gem investment is that it ties your gold up for weeks for a very meager return. there's much more profitable markets to invest in with a lot quicker turnaround.

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