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Will Lost Shores Fix GW2 Economy?

There are more than enough ways to make good gold in Guild Wars 2. However, I do not like the way certain commodities have piled up worse than Germany's inflation immediately following the first world war. Cinnamon, walnuts, and butter are some of the worst candidates. But also items like Bronze Helmet Casings and various Planks are not being used enough by the different disciplines.

Crafting is just not good enough in this game. Yes, it is possible to make some pretty great money with it, but there are too many loose ends piling up.

Areas of the economy definitely need to be addressed, because there is no reason for certain items to have virtually no value in a game as diverse and malleable as Guild Wars 2.

I'm not sure if the new "Lost Shores" will really have much economic impact on these damaged markets. Maybe a slew of black lion chests will be traded, as well as a quick jump in gems, but I do not believe that other areas of the economy will be affected.

This is a one time event, meant to move the storyline of the world and I don't think it's going to have new Mystic Forge recipes or things of that nature.

What do you think will happen? Will ArenaNet take the opportunity to alleviate a few damaged markets that have too much supply and not enough demand? Or will they wait until Christmas for that kind of economic push?


  1. Josh said...:

    John Smith has been dropping hints the last few weeks that he has a plan for dealing with the oversupply of certain items, so I think it might be possible we see some new forge recipes in the content update

  1. C-Man said...:

    Maybe a bandaid, but the roots of the problem are endemic, and, imo, unlikely to be delt with. They ought to get rid of some of the vendor bought crafting goods; they are far too prevelent. For instance, if there were less food ingrediants that only came from vendors and no "runes of holding," and instead you just had much higher quantities of goods needed for the recipe; well, I think that's the best solution. Tramping all over the world buying account bound food ingrediants isn't all that fun either. For the wood examples above I guess you'd need to add a wooden box or something as well (if instead of using a rune though, you could make a "bag" with lots of wood planks... well that would work). In short, there's too much control over the economy. Less vender bought goods, and less soul/account bound goods. The high trading post commisions and waypoint and repair fees should do a pretty good job of keeping inflation in check; or at least a good job condisering it's a fake economy, which are always... weird. You look at perhaps the most stable and vibrant fake economy, which I say has to be Eve, and it's the one with the most player control and the lest rules. Now, Eve might work because people are always getting their ships blown up, so there's an "outflow" of wealth instead of just an influx, but high commisions and waypoint costs might have the same effect in GW2. But that's getting off track. The point is, these "worthless" items are (unintentionally) designed to be worthless. You can't do anything with them without accompaning fixed price vendor goods. There can only be one result in that situation, and that's what we have today. Much like in real life, by seeking more control over the economy with the intention of stability, they have hindered it instead.
    In summary, here are some solutions: wood "bags", no/less vendor ingrediants, no/less "binding" More consumables?

  1. Matt (princeofthornes) said...:

    Hmmm, i agree with what your saying there. There ARE large amounts of certain items cropping up, and they arent going anywhere because the only real use for them is for leveling crafting, especially things like the above mentioned bronze helmet casings, which are only every going to be used up until your armor smithing skill is over 75. Its possible that adding more recipes will be a temporary fix, but unless they are recipes for items that people will continue to want for a long period of time - and in a high demand - then the problem will only keep getting worse.

    Ill have a look into armor smithing now, and see if i cant find a cost effective way to turn those bronze helmet casings into something useful (and profitable). Ill keep you posted on what i find. Wish me luck :P

  1. Matt (princeofthornes) said...:

    Just an update to my earlier comment: I made a profit from buying and then reselling Bronze Helmet Casings. I wont give away the details just yet, as i would like to keep it to myself for a week to monitor how effective it is. First one sold just as im writing this, and im up 4 silver 66 copper on what it cost me to make. Will update again in a week to see how they sell :P

  1. Matt (princeofthornes) said...:

    Ok, its been about 24 hours now, and out of 14 i made as a test run, there's only one left. So they sell reasonably fast. Will continue to monitor over the next week, keeping 10 on at a time to see if they keep selling at the same relative speed.

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