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5 Ways to Make Gold: Wintersday Gold Guide

#1. Make Gold During Wintersday with Sigils

You can flip the Minor, Major, and Superior Sigil of Generosity for serious profit. Just win with a bid and then undercut slightly to ensure that you sell (obviously still at a profit). You can use my Guide to Flipping if you're new to this method.

#2. Make Gold During Wintersday with Giant Wintersday Gifts

The time for opening Giant Wintersday Gifts is over. Instead, you should press refresh and slowly but surely buy out cheap Giant Wintersday Gifts. They fluctuate so quickly at times, especially the buy orders, that you can obtain them for cheaper than the current average going price. At the time of this writing, I was buying them for 1 silver 50 copper or less, and selling at 2 silver 20 copper. I eventually grew tired of making gold through such a repetitive and thoughtless method, but it does work!

#3. Make Gold During Wintersday with Orichalcum Plated Dowels

Instead of just buying and flipping these, I would highly suggest that you place buy orders on the Ancient Wood Planks and Orichalcum Ignots required to make these. Win the buy orders, craft the item, and sell for massive profits. The people buying these are crafting Giver's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription which is not a profitable item to flip by itself. However, if you win some buy orders for crafting materials and then make it yourself, you're sure to earn a nice chunk of change.

#4. Make Gold During Wintersday with Ugly Wool Hats

Flip em' old school just like the Giant Wintersday Gifts. Place your buy orders and sell whatever you end up getting for a copper less than the cheapest seller. Watch out for sudden drops in lowest price, and skip over these people to avoid taking a loss.

#5. Make Gold During Wintersday with Snowflake Mithril Ring of Winter

You can also use the Snowflake Mithril Earring of Winter. Both trinkets sell for far more than their buy order price. So much so that I almost exclusively used this method today. I love that the trinkets have +healing, +magic find, and +boon. Those three stats are so awesome for healers that want to be able to farm.

Have you found any other nice methods for making gold during Wintersday?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I've lost so much gold listening to many of these posts. seems like the only one profiting is the one posting.

  1. Yaso said...:

    First of all, when something like this goes online people doing it braindead until theres no way to get gold anymore.
    For over a month I'm following this Blog, i started with under 10 Gold and now i have over 300 Gold, there were posts which made me loose gold, but it was almost always my fault.
    I just got in without sticking to the rules of trading.
    It's clear that undercutting the buy and sell listings by 1c is a pretty bad idea, especially if the average price is low, if you are under 1silver 2c is much.

    1# Look it up, nice profit.
    2#Sometimes good , sometimes bad. Depends on how much players are online.
    3#Just flipping them is around 7% but crafting them with buy orders is much more.
    4#My calculator actually never lies, and he says if you flip Ugly Wool Hats you get 9% out of it.
    5#Sucks indeed ;-P

    That means 80% of this post is awesome >:-P

    I think you have a problem with your trading basics, read older posts about trading and rethink your trading strategys.

  1. Alaska said...:

    It's probably because too many people are reading this blog by now. Shortly after he posts something it's not profitable anymore because people blindly follow the advice and drive whatever market was pointed out into the ground.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    This was a good way to make money, but it would appear ArenaNet has had it stopped: http://gwscr.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=78

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