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99 Tips for the GW2 Trading Post

I've only included posts that went live after Guild Wars 2 was released and are still valuable for gold makers like yourself. Enjoy these 99 tips to the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post!

1. Copper Harvesting Sickle, Logging Axe, Mining Pick...

If you're brand new to the game and starting your first character, make sure that you read this!

2. Weapon Smithing Discover Recipes

Read this if you aren't aware of how to get discover recipes quickly and efficiently.

3. Strawberry Patch Farming Spot

Here's a little traveled area with tons of strawberries to pick.

 4. Queensdale Copper Farming Route

Fast little route for farming copper nodes in Queensdale.

5. Already Found Farming Exploit in Gendarran Fields

This is no where near as good as it used to be. But still worth it for someone short on copper.

6. Overflow Server Farming Tip

Warning! It has been said that abusing this tip will lead to getting banned! So use it once in a while, but never more than twice in the same day.

7. Selling Unidentified Dyes: Why Gamblers Rock

This was my first really epic tip, and to this day it's still smarter to sell unidentified dyes than try and identify them.

8. 6 Steps to Making Your First Gold

Some of these are pretty epic for new players, especially the use of black lion tools in WvW.

9. Rich Mineral Veins Always Spawn Here

Tips on finding rich mineral veins on your server.

10. Farming Jute Scraps

How to farm Jute Scraps.

11. Vial of Weak Blood Farming Spot

Weak bloods used to be worth an incredible amount of gold. Now it's barely worth the effort at times to farm them!

12.  Make Gold Selling Weapons in Guild Wars 2

Weapons are one of the easiest and fastest item categories to sell.

13. Easy Gold Ore Farming Spot

Good spot to stop at while farming for gold.

14. Farming Spot: Peridot Nuggets and Piles of Radiant...

If you're going to farm a single area (which has become less effective thanks to anti-botting code), definitely give these monsters a shot because they drop both piles of radiant dust and peridot nuggets.

15. 9 Tips to Making First Gold

A few more tips than the last post I did earlier.

16. Using Buy Orders to Make Gold

Nifty, outside the box thinking kind of post. The kind that makes you gold consistently.

17. Vial of Blood Gold Farming Spot

Again, blood items used to be worth far more than they are now.

18. Small Claw Gold Farming Spot

Good areas for getting Small Claws that are all close together.

19. Noobs and Gold Guides

Two of my favorite subjects! hehe.

20. How to Use the Mystic Forge

A few pointers, somewhat outdated now.

21. Buy Mystic Coins and Sticks of Butter

Avoid the advice on butter, but definitely heed the warning on Mystic Coins.

22. Take Note of ArenaNet Correcting the Economy

Ultra important for speculators.

23. 12 Gold Per Hour Flipping Method

This was when I first realized that flipping was the best way to play the trading post early on in any auctioneer's career.

24.  Master's Salvage Kit Gold Making

Great way to save gold with a little searching.

25.  Video Gold Guide (12 Gold Per Hour)

#23 explained in video form.

26. Easy Gold Making: Flipping Rare Dyes

Easy peasy flipping method.

27. How to get 250 Mystic Salvage Kits

Check the gem prices before attempting!

28. Skill Points to Gold : Miyani Mystic Forge Vendor

Need to get rid of skill points? Here's one method that gets you gold.

29. Making Gold by Flipping Rings

More flipping methods for the insatiable flippers out there.

30. Make Gold with Tailoring Discipline

A good basis for crafting strategies in general.

31.  Vial of Thick Blood Gold Farming Spot

Easy spot for grabbing lots of thick blood.

32. Cauliflower and Experience Farming Spot

Cauliflower sells well and it gives a good bit of experience to boot. Watch out for the veteran there though...

33.  How I Lost Nine Gold Today

Some days you win and other days you WTFPWNEDBBQ lose.

34. Buy Pink Dye for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

First time in the game's history that a "seasonal" event in the real world effected the economy.

35. Jute Cloth Flipping and Secret Exposed

Make a few copper but also learn a great secret.

36. Damn THIS Is A Gold Guide

BOOKMARK THIS ONE. It's probably the best post I've written on this blog. By far the most visited page on the site as well.

37. Undercutting Bots, What Do I Do?

Delusions and answers to the botting problem.

38. Stop Buying So Much

Simple message but hard to swallow.

39. Trading Post Fee Calculator

Handy tool.

40. Flipping the Flippers

Seems to happen in every MMO I play, and it's hilariously awesome.

41. Diversity is the key

So simple yet so hard to maintain!

42. Crafting Costs by GW2Spidy

GW2Spidy is a great tool, so check them out.

43. Share Your Gold Making Ideas

READ THE COMMENTS ON THIS POST. Seriously, they are epic.

44. What if We Have No Halloween Items to Sell?

Some tips for the less fortunate Halloween players.

45. Check Your Deposited Collectibles for Gold

I like to open this up every few days and enjoy the random piles of gold.

46. Selling Level 80 Rare Weapons

Some simple tips to selling weapons.

47. Video Guide to Selling Weapons

Weapon tips across the board in video form.

48. Why I'm Still Flipping on the Trading Post

Feel good, don't stop, keep going kind of post.

49. When to Cancel Buy and Sell Orders

General rule of thumb.

50. I Just Need 20 More Gold

This mentality drives me nuts!

51. Crafting Mid Level Weapons for Big Profits

Some much needed crafting love on this blog.

52. What to do with High Level Materials

If your answer is the vendor I am going to strangle you. Lovingly.

53. Om Nom Nom Nom Berry

A few tips on our favorite berries.

54. Upgrade Humps

My lovely upgrade humps. Check it out!

55. Selling Boots for Higher Profit Margins

Not sure why they designed the game this way, but knowing it has increased the amount of money I make significantly.

56.  The Golden Secret

SHHHHH! It's a secret to everybody.

57. Farming Is Fun

Seriously, how often do you get to say that in an MMO?

58. System for Making Gold

This is something you'll need to be successful.

59. Making Gold During Halloween

A few ghoulish tips.

60. Don't Bot Me Bro

Why you shouldn't worry about bots.

61. Understanding the Systems of ArenaNet

This is key for speculating.

62. Recycling Items Sold Video

Helpful tips for trading post veterans and novices alike.

63. Financial Investments Versus Upgrades

Once again, my attempt to mold you into a finely tuned auctioneer.

64. Price of Gems During Halloween

Going up seems to be the trend for gems on every holiday.

65. Oh No! The Market is Stabilizing!

My favorite complaint from novices.

66. Middle of the Market

Where the money is of course!

67. Law of Supply and Demand

Simple economics for a not so simple world.

68. Fear and Hope in the Trading Post

I got a lot of criticism for this post, but I believe that it's spot on.

69. Tp Calc For Your IPHONE!

Helpful little app for your smart phone.

70. Don't Panic Over Old News

Seriously, there is no need to panic. Yet.

71. - 86.

87.  Little Guild Wars 2 Secret

Another simple yet effective secret to share with you.

88. Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Good general tips for holidays, even ones that are not associated with an in game event.

89.  Making Money Instead of Gold

We need more bloggers, so join the cause (and make some money too)!

90.  Two Quick Questions about Making Gold in GW2

And the answers too of course.

91.  How to Find Great Deals on Trading Post

It's a lot easier than you think.

92. Fat Thumbs on Small Cell Phones

Sigh. Salvaging tip's at the bottom so I included this one in this list.

93.  Is this the Mad Money Show of GW2?

This is so freaking true. DEFINITELY READ THIS. Especially if you impulsively follow my advice.

94. Flipping Giant Wintersday Gifts

Spread some holiday cheer and fill your coffers like Uncle Scrooge. It's the best of both worlds.

95. 5 Ways to Make Gold: Wintersday Gold Guide

A few of these work, some are outdated. Read the comments for details on which ones have worked for people and which haven't.

96. Successful at Making Gold

More like a life tip than a gold tip.

97. GW2 Crafting Gold

Much like the "middleman" post.

98. Guild Wars Trade

Helpful site with a lot of cool features.

99. Making Realistic Gold in Guild Wars 2

Be realistic and you'll reach your dreams.


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    30 markets in 30 days but there is only 16 of them?

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    Christmas happened, and I decided to delay the remaining 14 until after the holidays.

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    Thanks for this blog Markco, you've opened up a whole new area of GW2 to explore :D

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    This article made me realize one topic you've mostly avoided so far, and that is information for people who already have some gold to invest. I'd personally love to hear some articles on tips/tricks with bigger flipping, long term investments, and so on. Just a suggestion ^.-

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