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Fat Thumbs on Small Cell Phones

So yesterday I was waking up and checked my smart phone for new blog comments. Normally there is one or two patiently waiting to be approved, but on this particular Sunday morning there were eight! I selected the check mark for each one and then pushed approve. However, the message I received from my phone said "8 Comments have been Deleted." Good job fat thumbs! So I just want to say sorry to everyone who left a comment and had it deleted. I don't know who you are or what you said, all I know is that it was valuable information lost :(. I glimpsed something about an additional tip on the Queensdale copper farming route, 5 being the magic number for flipping armor, and someone laughing about forum credits.

Not a great way to start the week! Please, if you were one of the deleted comments, do your best to re-submit your questions/suggestions/tips once more. I'll do my best not to push delete!

For today's gold tip, Arsh emailed me this great advice:

"I just wanted to make sure it was noted to you that it might be good to mention to people that right now it'd be smart to keep an eye on the price of a Master's Salvage kit and it's worth vs Mystic Salvage Kits. As it is right now, it costs 2g 83s to make a Mystic Salvage kit. 20 Master's Salvage kits costs 3g. This difference is tiny compared to what it was a couple weeks ago.

If the gem prices rise much more, the Master's Salvage kits will be cheaper and thus more profitable to work with.

Hope that tip helps you make a good post.
Thanks again for all the great advice on your blog.



  1. TS said...:

    Did he mean masters vs mystic?

  1. Mankrik said...:

    Pretty sure he did. You should edit this if you can, because the message will be lost to anyone who isn't paying attention, or worse yet they'll set out trying to find these fine salvage kits since they're apparently cheaper.

    It's also worth noting that while the adjusted cost for mystic salvage kits may be lower, you can't buy just 3 mystic forge stones. If you aren't an avid salvager or don't have any other use for the stones, you will actually be investing much more than 2.83g in order to make your mystics. In fact, the second stack of them will be the most expensive by far, requiring you to pay another 4.3 gold at current prices in order to get it - and then immediately have enough to make 3rd stack. For some people who are starting out, investing that first 4g is too much. Buying masters in smaller stacks means you have more capital to move around (which is more money in the longrun - a bird in the hand) and lets people who are just starting out still have some fun with the rare slot machines. The moment the price difference got so small, I suggested that my friend use masters instead. He only had 8g, so paying 4.3g for mystics was a bit ludicrous, even if they were 'cheaper.'

  1. Markco said...:

    Egads he did mix them up. I think I just corrected them.

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