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Flipping Giant Wintersday Gifts

I have an example for you today of me buying Giant Wintersday Gifts for profit. You can absolutely flip them if you buy now and sell them later in the season (or their contents), but I'd much rather try to make gold now. Here is my first experiment with them so far, buying early on a Saturday morning.

Part of my strategy involved spamming refresh until the gifts were close to 2 silver each. No matter what you get an ugly wool sweater, so you always make back half the silver you spent if you buy at my price range.

First Attempt: 38 Silver for 18 Giant Wintersday Gifts

15.55 Silver for Drops of Magic Glue
19 Silver for Ugly Wool Sweaters
3.85 Silver for Flawless Snowflakes

Result: 38.4 Silver back (.4 Silver Profit)

Yes, I only made .4 silver, but there definitely appears to be an opportunity here for profit throughout the holiday season. On Monday morning I will be buying these things like crazy, emptying the contents, and then selling them by Friday of next week. It's all about being patient, as these items are MOVING FAST. Their prices fluctuate ridiculously quickly, and it makes the difference between profit and loss.


  1. Whatever said...:

    Been following this site for awhile now, first comment though. Last night the giant present were jumping between 3s all the way to 6 silver. Just wanted to share my experience about the dramatic spikes. I would buy 50 when i dropped to 3 silver and repost as they were bought up. Made 1 gold in an hour of just messing around. Then this morning prices wouldnt spike past 4 as more presents flooded the market.

  1. Lem said...:

    I curious about the Wintersday skins. Currently they are REALLY cheap, like 30s for the sling shot short bow skin. I know the princess wand is the one most people want. It was 2g Dec 15, but now also, below 1 gold. They will likely drop even more before Wintersday is over. I'm thinking they might be a good long term investment. Buy a bunch in early January, resell in July. As an example, the Greatsaw Halloween skin dropped to 24g or so right after Halloween but is now up to 60g again just 2 months later. Will princess wands purchased for 50s or less go up to 2-3 gold or more? It may be worth picking a couple up to find out. Thoughts?

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