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Great Product, Terrible Sales Page

I've been listening a lot to your emails and trying my best to help each and every one of you. While I'm good at showing you ways to make gold, I have not had the time to play every profession and experiment with every discipline. In saying that, am by no means an expert in all aspects of playing Guild Wars 2. Obviously I definitely have the trading post down really well and I know just enough about each discipline and profession to make lots of gold, but I do not have enough knowledge to dominate every aspect of the game. So when you ask me for the best warrior build or the best gear for an elementalist (my own discipline), I don't always have a great answer for you. Since I don't have the time to experiment and discover these answers, I would like to recommend a product instead.

Finding a product that can fill in the gaps of what I've already shown you has been a very real challenge. For starters, the Forum here along with the blog should have seriously given you a leg up when it comes to making gold. To find something that can come close to complimenting such an advantage has proven to be a real stumbling block. On top of this, I needed to find an equally valuable leveling and crafting walk through all in the same guide. Oh, and by the way, it can't be too expensive. Many of you are already paying $10 per 6 months to use the forum here, so selling you a $47 product would be asinine.

Warrior One vs One Build
This left me with few options, and eventually I revisited a product that I had initially ignored. It didn't have the glitz and fancy feel of some other guides I had seen, but the one thing it possessed was valuable content all in one place. I really enjoyed reading the builds, like this example one for warriors in the image above, and I felt that every aspect of it was both useful and concise at the same time. Even a novice player can pick this guide up and start using it, but pros will also instantly realize the time and effort required to produce such short cuts to character building.

One final reason I waited so long to show you my favorite paid guide is the fact that the game was far too young before this point. With new events like the Lost Shores, I can see which guides are actually going to stick around for the long haul and provide updated information. This one definitely stepped up to the plate, and I'm sad to see it has no competition doing the same.

I'm never going to write a guide to leveling and building characters in Guild Wars 2. The only thing I'm planning on doing is maintaining the forum and this blog. So if you want to dominate every aspect of the game, save time building your perfect character, and get a leg up in pvp, then Guild Wars 2 Domination is the answer to the questions you've been sending me.

You'll notice from the get go that this guide has a horrible sales page. There isn't much information and it really fails to convey just how many great nuggets of detail are hidden within this beauty. Which I guess is a good thing for you, since so few people will ever see it!

It's also pretty cheap compared to other 'all-encompassing' guides about Guild Wars 2, and it is the only one I've seen with updates for lost shores. That's my recommendation if you want to spend money on the game, but if you do not, please respect those people that do.

Regardless of what you decide, I'm still going to be here giving you trading post tips constantly.

See you tomorrow,



  1. It saddens me to see you advertise this lousy product. I have bought it, and there is no where near any content at all, its simply a scam. Even the person behind it is silent, when you try to contact him on the mail provided by himself.

    I got 3 pdf files with no content at all, just basic stuff either copied from other places on the net or filler (the files are also from August, so no work have been done since then). There is no guide in the files. Then there is 5 VERY basic videos, showing basic stuff about the game, which anyone should know after a few hours of gameplay.

    Love to follow your blog on gold making tips, but this entry makes me sad.

  1. Markco said...:

    Sorry to hear it was beneath your skill level. There should have been more than 3 files though. I'll email the owner to see if something is wrong.

  1. Giraffe said...:

    Yeah.. I bought this product too, only to find(stated above) 3 folders containing very basic information and the unique profession guides contain nothing but what weapons to use and incomplete trait descriptions. I'm very sad that I spent my good money on this and I'm hoping that it can be worth my money in the near future. Also emailed using the contact us email and haven't received a reply back either.

  1. Markco said...:

    I'm looking into it also. What you're saying IS NOT what I looked at when I previewed the guide. I am also waiting for an email back.

    Worst case scenario: contact clickbank and get a refund for your purchase.

  1. Giraffe said...:

    Well I have hope that something is just not happening correctly and that we'll soon receive this wonderful guide that is advertised on the main site. If not, refunds with clickbank, from what I've heard, are fairly hassle-free.

  1. Shane Sick said...:

    Well now thats a way to make money. Copy and paste some useless info about a game into a pdf. call it a "guide" and sell it.

    Hmm maybe i should try that.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    he have a blog under that domain


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