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GW2 Crafting Gold

I'm not going to name any specifics. That's right, I'm not going to give you any examples whatsoever of crafting methods that work. I will, however, describe to you how I am making 10+ gold per day from the disciplines I currently use.

I'm the middle man, playing the markets between end product and base material. That alone is enough to get you looking in the right direction, but you need to use two additional tips to really make crafting work.

1. Get your materials for bid prices (buy what you can from vendors, as it is always cheaper than normal listings).
2. Sell your crafted items 1 copper beneath the nearest "wall" of unsold items. This could be several silver higher than the lowest amount!

You won't get where I am over night, but eventually you can achieve 10+ gold per day from crafting.

Another tip is knowing that prices tend to drop during certain points of the week for different materials.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    tldr; sell things for more than you bought them. ;)

    Stop making me think! Just tell me what to flip! j/k

    Seriously though, I appreciate the site. Gets me thinking about markets/etc that I can get into. Problem is I need to be more consistent about making myself play the TP.

  1. nawepawe said...:

    any tip what to craft ?

  1. Lem said...:

    It would only be a tip for about 30 min, as everyone else reading this would go try it, thus throwing off the market on it.

  1. Markco said...:

    Between end product and base material.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    How much gold are you investing in these markets per day (or week, or whatever) to make that 10g? I see lot of people claiming "Oh, yes, I invest in crafting/mats/weapons/etc, and I make X gold per day!" but rarely (if ever) do I see them mention what their principal amount is. It makes it rather difficult to figure if I'm "doing it right" or not.

  1. Yaso said...:

    35er Rares are nice , non 80 Rares in general.
    There is to much competition selling Level 80 Items.
    But dont make 10 of one thing, i always craft one or two of an item.


  1. Veltoss said...:

    As Yaso said, one or two of an item is a great way to go about it for just about any game with crafting. You want to diversify when crafting, as no matter what you make, there will probably not be a large amount of people needing that particular item and the more you make, the longer it will take to sell them. Better to diversify and move gold faster.

  1. sinful said...:

    I agree with Veltoss...
    Diversifying will lower the risk of products not selling.
    On another note, i'd like to share that I base on selling crafting components.
    2 reasons for this is that:
    1. Some crafters rather buy components than craft components that no longer give crafting XP.
    2. You can stack these in your inventory, so potentially you can have 250 of an item on you to slowly sell to the market, thus avoid crating a wall, crashing prices, while maintaining a steady margin for yourself and others. Also you can avoid the 5% listing 'penalty' if you judged wrongly.

    Personally I don't concentrate solely on crafting components. Rather, its one among a few other tactics in my portfolio. The range of methods creates a diversity of income generation - instant, short term, medium term and even weekly.

    Instant profits gives the capital you need to finance methods with better margin. Short is bread and butter, medium is bread and butter with maybe jam. While long term is what makes you rich, its the truffle.

    Sorry for the long post, but i saw a lot of people were asking about capital.
    Personally, I started with around 30s, crafted and sold components until I had 5g. I then spilt this into 1g for crafting components, 2g for short and medium buy orders, and around 1g to craft something with fancy profit margin.

    And of course, thanks Markco for the tips you posted, crafting components can only get me so much, I've now gone past that barrier.

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