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How to Find Great Deals on Trading Post

I just wrote a post on the forums, under the "Markco's Crazy Thoughts" section, that details exactly how I manage to find so many great items worth salvaging on the trading post. There's no searching aimlessly and no guessing involved with this method. There's also a little trick I use, that another member showed me here, that literally reduces my time selling items by 50%.

If you're trying to level a new discipline, we've scoured the internet for the best free guides and compiled them here.

For the flipping junkies, we have a section appropriately named "the OFFICIAL XXXX is spiking HARD right now!" thread. Thank you JackBeShippin for the brilliant idea.

Overall I would say that the TP Extractor forums have been very successful, and I'm excited to see just how big/knowledgeable it will become as Guild Wars 2 evolves. Join the TP Extractor today!


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