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How to Prepare for Wintersday in GW2

Here's my advice for how to prepare for Christmas (Wintersday) in Guild Wars 2.

You need to do two things.

1. Buy Gems now.

2. Buy BLC's now.

You can speculate on any number of other items in this game, but those two are guaranteed to be winners in my mind.

If you are sheepish about gold, at least buy the black lion chests. Come on, they went to 40 copper during halloween and this is freaking Christmas... with more people being able to participate due to vacations. There will be lots of new items coming out of the chests and the gem store itself. Plus, you'll probably have the largest number of people playing the game since release.


  1. Yaso said...:

    I always buy some chests when they are cheap.
    It's fact that they are pretty useless at the moment(except you want the permanent things).
    A-Net have to do something about that and in case they don't use them for Wintersday, it will be used someday.

    And i would say gems will get higher than on halloween.
    Halloween doesnt feel like a big deal here in Europe.
    In Germany we are more into carnival :-D
    What i want to say is that Christmas is a all over the world thing and halloween is not.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Didn't the black lion chest bubble pop 2 hours into the event? They peaked at 40c a couple days before halloween due to mass speculation, but during the event, the chest prices seemed to plummet down to under 10c. I don't remember them ever going above even 15c during the entire event as the drop rate of the good items were too low for most people, and everyone seemed to have at least 50 chests already from world drops.

  1. SoulBeat said...:

    I'm not sure about this,
    will gems raise high enough to profit them?
    Buying 100 gems now is 2g10s and selling 1g52s

    Also, I'm pretty sure BLC's won't be used for wintersday stuff, after Halloween many people complained about the chance of some rare getting out of it was way too low and I think they'll have other chests like the Consortium one's during Lost Shores

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Follow this advice and you are going to be losing money.

  1. Dabob703 said...:

    Ya BLC will be a bust.

    Winter Weapon Skins:
    Needle, Cutter, Reach, Shelter: 500 Gems a piece

    Wintersday Black Lion Chest: 1/100 Gems, 10/800 Gems

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Markco .. you are good.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Aaaaaand, BLCs went down in price . . .

  1. Anonymous said...:

    "Markco .. you are good"
    he knows very well what he is doing: Making shit load of golds giving bad advice and counting on people to follow it

  1. Markco said...:

    Oh shut up. I don't need gold anymore and I have never done anything like that before in the years I've been blogging.

  1. Yaso said...:

    I mad a long post but i can't log into my blogger accout "-.-
    THIS post was made before A-Net reavealed how to get Wintersday Skins.
    Gems was a good idea but nobody knows that the buyable stuff is not really desirable.
    If you invested only in chests ,you are as thick as a brick, never bet on only one thing.
    I only put gold in risky things which is not tied up.

    And remember this post http://www.guildwars2tradingpost.com/2012/12/is-this-mad-money-show-of-gw2.html#.UM9zQ3e9otc it can happen that something just don't work because people are destroying the market.

    And to blame someone who helped many people is way below the belt.

  1. Markco said...:

    Thanks for that much more informative and mature response than mine.

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