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Is this the Mad Money Show of GW2?

Have you ever seen Mad Money? I haven't religiously watched it or anything, but on occasion I've laughed at the way Jim Cramer plays bull and bear sounds while yelling at me from the television. Jim tries to warn people of easy to avoid financial loss as well as small, easy winners on wall street. What ends up happening is a comical little side game where people with lots of money in the stock market are able to take advantage of the masses who follow Jim's advice. During the Olympics, Mad Money was aired at 1 PM during trading hours, and people followed Jim's advice in real time. Well, if he said buy a certain stock, then smart investors bought immediately and sold within an hour or two for a nice profit. If Jim said sell, then those individuals sold at first, but then bought at the end of the day.

Basically, certain people took advantage of the masses of inexperienced traders who followed Jim blindly.

I am starting to think that I could become the Jim Cramer of Guild Wars 2.

Perfect Example: Mystic Forge Node

I told people that this was one of my 30 Markets in 30 Days items. Basically it was an easy flip that made money daily for me. At the time of that posting, a Mystic Forge Node would cost you 30 silver. You know what it costs today? Over 3 gold! This is just one example, but I've noticed this sort of pattern for a long time now.

Like Mr. Cramer, my motive here is to give advice that helps people, and that advice similarly is both easy to follow and act upon. For these reasons, it's also easy to take advantage of people who follow it. Sorry, but that's just the nature of the beast that we call "the economy."

Next time I give you advice, I want you to do two things:

#1. Take whatever I say and figure out how it can be applied to other areas of the game's economy. If I tell you to flip a level 35 item, think about all the other level categories and why the same advice might apply there too. This will help diversify where people use my tips instead of everyone flipping the one item that I give as an example for the method.

#2. Read my advice with a grain of salt, and then think about how this information might change the market place. If I tell people to flip something, the competition will potentially raise it's price significantly. There are definitely ways to profit here both directly and indirectly. If the item in question affects another market, you might see changes there as well that are both easy to predict and react to.

My Guild Wars 2 has been acting up lately, and I was unable to log in all weekend. Just keeps crashing at start up and I think my graphics card my have issues. Will work to get it fixed asap.

Until then, what do you think of this blog so far? Is it helping you, in particular the emails and forums associated with this site? Where can I improve and more importantly, what do you need most?

Thank you to whomever the 1,000th reader was on this site, you made my day.

Jim Markco


  1. Anonymous said...:

    If your game keeps crashing, try repairing the archive. You do this by creating a shortcut (name it gw REPAIR or something). Then go to properties of this new shortcut, find the TARGET property and change it to

    "...\Gw2.exe" -repair

    with the space after the "".

    If you run this file gw should repair. If this doesn't work go to the compatibily and try booting it in XP.
    If you get in game try changing your sound quality especially the buffer, I know a lot have ppl had problem with that.

    On the economic tip of the day:
    I noticed the same when your 30 markets in 30 days tip was an Earring that i just got a couple of. I decided to wait 2 day and made a nice extra profit thanks to the sudden interist in this item :D

  1. Markco said...:

    Thanks I will try.

  1. Sjohn said...:

    You can also delete the gw2.dat file and force a download of the entire game if the repair fails, are you getting any type of error code?

  1. Markco said...:

    I'll try reinstalling tonight. What I do is click the gw2 icon and then a white box appears where the window should be and a greyed out version of the normal background is behind it.

  1. tsuko@wasabi said...:

    no email since 20 of november. did you stop sending email ?

  1. Markco said...:

    They will fluctuate depending on live information that I feel is worth sharing. Definitely make use of the forum for daily info as well.

    The way the emails work is you get a long series of daily emails and then everything after that are one time messages from myself to everyone at once.

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