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Making Realistic Gold in Guild Wars 2

I've noticed something of late in the emails that come every day to my mailbox. Many of them are following the theme of people grasping at straws hoping for a get rich quick scheme from me. I understand the motivation, but there is no way to cheat at the Guild Wars 2 economy. You have to play smart and frugal until you amass enough income to purchase large quantities of materials, armor, mini's, gems, etc. Even then, you'll be lucky to get back 30% profit on the money you invest each day.

Just flipping items that I've suggested in the 30 day market guide and flipping strategy will earn you around 30-50% profit for your investment. So if you have 1 gold, that can become 1.3 to 1.5 gold in a night. If you have 100 gold, then it's 130 to 150 gold per 24 hour cycle.

Playing weekly cycles and speculating is where you can achieve much higher profit margins, but your risk is exponentially greater. Garlic has been a pretty consistent winner in terms of weekly speculating, but every once in a while it goes berserk and falls off in value. That's why I recommend speculating when you have a lot of gold and can afford to lose large portions of it. Even when you do speculate, you should still be crafting and flipping to offset bad days.

If you're looking for a get rich quick scheme for Guild Wars 2, you've come to the wrong place. Sorry, but I will help you achieve greatness the right way! Who knows, maybe it will carry over to other games or even real life.


  1. Arsh said...:

    The thing is... no matter how much money I have, I can't make more than a certain limit doing the flipping that I've learned to do. Because there is a list of items I know I can flip and past that, I never make money. In fact, I can't make money flipping half the things you suggest because the buy orders simply never come in and then when I post the ones that did come in, they simply never sell. Someone undercuts me and the market drives down. The market does not recover and sell my wares within a 24-hour period like you talk about. I never get my money back, less a profit.

    I watch the timing on GW Spidy. I keep an eye on what day of the week it is. I watch the time of day. Nothing changes the fact that people seem to ruin most any market I get into. I see people driving prices down, undercutting just... stupidly (dropping price by whole silvers instead of coppers, posting a sell order for a copper above the buy order price). This can make an investment I made sour really quick.

    I ran into one market I could reasonably flip for while and it went great, making me up to 40 gold from next to nothing. Unfortunately, not only have people since ruined that market but it also took me way too long to play that market. I don't enjoy spending an hour or two just placing buy orders and listing items for sell just to make 2-3 gold profit that day. It was simply true that the golden rule doesn't work in this market because if you order more than 2-3 you will never get them. Every single item in this martket gains and loses value hour to hour and it is HARD to stay on top of it. I've had items go from being highly lucrative (with a 20 silver gap) to worthless (a few coppers gap) within an 8-hour period. Maybe I'm just unlucky but this really can't be the only market that crashes and burns this easily. I've seen it several times. One time, I chose to buy a certain food item because the price was 1 copper but it was selling for 10 copper. I bought about 1000 of t hem and started to turn them around. Literally, in the course of the few minutes it took me to buy them, the market had crashed to 3 copper. I had checked GW Spidy for its trends and everything... normally they stayed higher and declined slower. Someone had driven the prices down. So I was stuck with 1000 foods that I didn't need and could do nothing with. I sat on them and waited. It's been two months and the price hasn't returned to where it was before. Beautiful.

  1. Markco said...:

    So some markets changed for the better and some changed for the worse. Please don't take this as an insult, but what's wrong with your scenario? It sounds perfectly acceptable to me.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I can consistently make profit, but it seems to typically be about 10 gold per day regardless of my initial capital. I usually end up canceling about 50-70% of my buy orders each morning, even though I keep trying to spread out across as many markets as possible (which takes up more and more time).

    I find I either end up canceling a substantial number of buy orders for flipping large items, or I end up fighting with other people over quick flips on consumabls/crafting mats until things are no longer profitable.

    I haven't really tried to buy and hold for a week, but I assume if I did the net result would be similar profit in best case.

  1. Markco said...:

    Again with the undercutting until something is not profitable. It doesn't normally stay that way.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Before I read this blog, I already had a general idea of how to make a few silver on the trading post, of course I was a total amateur, and was barely making back what I spent. After reading the gold guide, I modified my methods and greatly increased my profits.

    Now I I've had a couple of nights in the last month were I have logged on to find 10 gold ( 5 to 7 gold profit) waiting for me. I wish I could tell everyone what I was selling that made a major part of my profit, what I will say is I bought I few thousand for 3 to 4 copper, and then picked a price, since the market was empty. I think I listed a few at various intervals, couple hundred at a silver, which didn't sell, and someone heavily under cut me, so I left the silver ones up, and posted some at 80 copper, and so on... I thing I had 20 80 and 100 levels. But I made sure to never pull my listings NEVER. I ended up taking a hiatus and playing some diablo 3, and used another handy blog to make some gold there... But when I came back, ALL my listing had sold. Even at 20 copper it was a huge profit, but I honestly wanted to give up on the ones sold for silver...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    If someone posts a ridiculously low sell order, I just buy them out and list it with my own (after making sure I clear the 15% tax).

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