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Successful at Making Gold

Stop trying to force success upon yourself. Success, in this case, is making lots of gold, and it's something you have to earn.

Yes, some people get lucky and discover a get rich quick scheme in Guild Wars 2. It happens because the game has a discovery system, which means that once everyone learns the same tip it becomes useless.

The things I teach, they don't dissapate when everyone uses them. The flipping tips, for example, have enabled hundreds of people to earn plenty of gold. At least enough to get moving on to bigger and better things. Crafting methods are another great way to succeed. You just have to diversify, especially when you're learning. Finally, I teach that weekly cycles help determine the price of items, and usually there is enough change between the highest high and lowest low to earn some gold.

Speculating should only be attempted by people who are masters of the trading post, not novices looking for quick fixes. It's high risk, high reward business, whereas someone new should be attempting low risk, low reward.


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