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Two Quick Questions about Making Gold in GW2

Question 1.If I were to follow your guidelines and only stick to about a 5s profit for each item, how much money would I be able to make in a week?
Question 2. When buying these items, how many should I be buying at a time?"

Good questions! I had these in an email a few days ago and thought I'd answer on the blog instead of just one on one. I figure at least a few other people are thinking something similar.

Answer 1:

Sticking to 5 silver profit per item following my guide lines for flipping implies that the item is being bought at 5 silver and sold at 10 silver + 15% tax. Or perhaps you are flipping items from 15 silver to 20 silver + 15% tax. Either way, you need 2-4 times your profit as an investment before you can make any gold. If you have 1 gold and invest it all, then you will make back around 1 gold 50 silver from a single flipping cycle.

How many times can you flip? Also, how frequently are your items selling? Those are the kinds of questions that need to be answered before a realistic gold per week can be calculated. I find it pretty easy to at least make back 150% of your investment in a single cycle of buying and selling your flipped items. So if you start at 1 gold, it becomes 1.5 gold on day 2, 2.25 gold on day 3, etc.

As you get more gold, you can take risks and invest in longer term markets that give more than double investment profit. So it's not just a linear progression of 1.5x your investment each night at that point.

Answer 2:

I try to buy 1 and flip it. If that first one sells, then I buy two and flip. After that it's 5, followed by 25. That's the kind of pattern I personally follow. Eventually you find a happy number that tends to get completely bought and sold in a single night of trading.

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  1. Samanton said...:

    Very helpful.

    If I may make another suggestion for those who are new to the investment game:

    Never go "all-in": set a limit and leave the rest in the bank when you go to the trading post.

    I've just started out in GW2 and have about 2g; so, I'll take 1g to the trading post for buy orders and posting fees.

  1. Arsh said...:

    Do you do the golden rule of numbers with all item types?
    Even things like armors and weapons etc?

    I ask because, I notice also that if I buy a larger number of items like those, even 3 or 4, I will find the price has changed drastically most times before I finish moving them all.
    If I bought 3 armors for 5 silver, sometimes, by the time I've sold 2, the price is down to 6 silver and they are no longer making me profit, just breaking even. So I don't dare buy 25 of one item. I'm not sure how I could anyway. If I put in an order for 25 of one armor or weapon, I only get 1-2 before someone has placed a higher buy order than me and I will never get anymore.

    Do you have any comments on these things?

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