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395,000 Guild Wars 2 Visitors in 2012


The title says it all: 395,000 people have visited Guild Wars 2 Trading Post since the site was started back in July of this year. I'd like to thank you for being one of those people, and perhaps responsible for many others coming here as well. The power of word of mouth is incredible, as is evidenced by the vast majority of visitors coming from Google.

If you have a friend asking for tips, here's a link for some of my top posts from 2012 that you can share with friends when they ask you how you're making so much gold in Guild Wars 2: 99 Gold Making Tips

Moving forward, I would appreciate any questions you have for me that I can answer in 2013. Ways to make gold, stumbling blocks, etc. Happy New Year!

What Impulse Buyers Actually Buy


I'll let you in on a little secret today. Actually, it's a big secret and I know I'm going to have the usual angry suspects. Sorry in advance!

Players tend to focus on their gear (set armor) and carefully buy, plan for, etc their main pieces. I know that I've fallen for this as well, so I got to believe it's somewhat common. The economic influences are the most telling though.

When looking at trinkets, toughness items have the unusual economic properties of low buy order price and high sell order price. It's a flipper's playground, and has been since the game's release. But WHY?! Don't worry, no cliffhanger awaits you with this post. I'll tell you exactly why.

Actually, I already told you. Players carefully pick and buy their armor, but they leave their rings, amulets, and accessories as last minute, impulsive purchases. If you buy an entire set of say, Berserker armor, then you don't have a lot of survivability. The only way to get that survivability is to grab toughness or similar properties on trinkets.

This process happens throughout the entire game, and like most markets, I would advise playing anything below level 80 because of the heavy competition at the top of the economy.

People make even more impulsive buys when leveling, so that's an easy area to target for newer flippers.

If you see a toughness ring that's worth 2 silver and has buy orders for 1 silver, you should put 25 buy orders down. That's how I play the impulsive toughness market, and I end up with nearly every item sold every single day.

Hope you're all having a fabulous holiday,


99 Tips for the GW2 Trading Post


I've only included posts that went live after Guild Wars 2 was released and are still valuable for gold makers like yourself. Enjoy these 99 tips to the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post!

1. Copper Harvesting Sickle, Logging Axe, Mining Pick...

If you're brand new to the game and starting your first character, make sure that you read this!

2. Weapon Smithing Discover Recipes

Read this if you aren't aware of how to get discover recipes quickly and efficiently.

3. Strawberry Patch Farming Spot

Here's a little traveled area with tons of strawberries to pick.

 4. Queensdale Copper Farming Route

Fast little route for farming copper nodes in Queensdale.

5. Already Found Farming Exploit in Gendarran Fields

This is no where near as good as it used to be. But still worth it for someone short on copper.

6. Overflow Server Farming Tip

Warning! It has been said that abusing this tip will lead to getting banned! So use it once in a while, but never more than twice in the same day.

7. Selling Unidentified Dyes: Why Gamblers Rock

This was my first really epic tip, and to this day it's still smarter to sell unidentified dyes than try and identify them.

8. 6 Steps to Making Your First Gold

Some of these are pretty epic for new players, especially the use of black lion tools in WvW.

9. Rich Mineral Veins Always Spawn Here

Tips on finding rich mineral veins on your server.

10. Farming Jute Scraps

How to farm Jute Scraps.

11. Vial of Weak Blood Farming Spot

Weak bloods used to be worth an incredible amount of gold. Now it's barely worth the effort at times to farm them!

12.  Make Gold Selling Weapons in Guild Wars 2

Weapons are one of the easiest and fastest item categories to sell.

13. Easy Gold Ore Farming Spot

Good spot to stop at while farming for gold.

14. Farming Spot: Peridot Nuggets and Piles of Radiant...

If you're going to farm a single area (which has become less effective thanks to anti-botting code), definitely give these monsters a shot because they drop both piles of radiant dust and peridot nuggets.

15. 9 Tips to Making First Gold

A few more tips than the last post I did earlier.

16. Using Buy Orders to Make Gold

Nifty, outside the box thinking kind of post. The kind that makes you gold consistently.

17. Vial of Blood Gold Farming Spot

Again, blood items used to be worth far more than they are now.

18. Small Claw Gold Farming Spot

Good areas for getting Small Claws that are all close together.

19. Noobs and Gold Guides

Two of my favorite subjects! hehe.

20. How to Use the Mystic Forge

A few pointers, somewhat outdated now.

21. Buy Mystic Coins and Sticks of Butter

Avoid the advice on butter, but definitely heed the warning on Mystic Coins.

22. Take Note of ArenaNet Correcting the Economy

Ultra important for speculators.

23. 12 Gold Per Hour Flipping Method

This was when I first realized that flipping was the best way to play the trading post early on in any auctioneer's career.

24.  Master's Salvage Kit Gold Making

Great way to save gold with a little searching.

25.  Video Gold Guide (12 Gold Per Hour)

#23 explained in video form.

26. Easy Gold Making: Flipping Rare Dyes

Easy peasy flipping method.

27. How to get 250 Mystic Salvage Kits

Check the gem prices before attempting!

28. Skill Points to Gold : Miyani Mystic Forge Vendor

Need to get rid of skill points? Here's one method that gets you gold.

29. Making Gold by Flipping Rings

More flipping methods for the insatiable flippers out there.

30. Make Gold with Tailoring Discipline

A good basis for crafting strategies in general.

31.  Vial of Thick Blood Gold Farming Spot

Easy spot for grabbing lots of thick blood.

32. Cauliflower and Experience Farming Spot

Cauliflower sells well and it gives a good bit of experience to boot. Watch out for the veteran there though...

33.  How I Lost Nine Gold Today

Some days you win and other days you WTFPWNEDBBQ lose.

34. Buy Pink Dye for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

First time in the game's history that a "seasonal" event in the real world effected the economy.

35. Jute Cloth Flipping and Secret Exposed

Make a few copper but also learn a great secret.

36. Damn THIS Is A Gold Guide

BOOKMARK THIS ONE. It's probably the best post I've written on this blog. By far the most visited page on the site as well.

37. Undercutting Bots, What Do I Do?

Delusions and answers to the botting problem.

38. Stop Buying So Much

Simple message but hard to swallow.

39. Trading Post Fee Calculator

Handy tool.

40. Flipping the Flippers

Seems to happen in every MMO I play, and it's hilariously awesome.

41. Diversity is the key

So simple yet so hard to maintain!

42. Crafting Costs by GW2Spidy

GW2Spidy is a great tool, so check them out.

43. Share Your Gold Making Ideas

READ THE COMMENTS ON THIS POST. Seriously, they are epic.

44. What if We Have No Halloween Items to Sell?

Some tips for the less fortunate Halloween players.

45. Check Your Deposited Collectibles for Gold

I like to open this up every few days and enjoy the random piles of gold.

46. Selling Level 80 Rare Weapons

Some simple tips to selling weapons.

47. Video Guide to Selling Weapons

Weapon tips across the board in video form.

48. Why I'm Still Flipping on the Trading Post

Feel good, don't stop, keep going kind of post.

49. When to Cancel Buy and Sell Orders

General rule of thumb.

50. I Just Need 20 More Gold

This mentality drives me nuts!

51. Crafting Mid Level Weapons for Big Profits

Some much needed crafting love on this blog.

52. What to do with High Level Materials

If your answer is the vendor I am going to strangle you. Lovingly.

53. Om Nom Nom Nom Berry

A few tips on our favorite berries.

54. Upgrade Humps

My lovely upgrade humps. Check it out!

55. Selling Boots for Higher Profit Margins

Not sure why they designed the game this way, but knowing it has increased the amount of money I make significantly.

56.  The Golden Secret

SHHHHH! It's a secret to everybody.

57. Farming Is Fun

Seriously, how often do you get to say that in an MMO?

58. System for Making Gold

This is something you'll need to be successful.

59. Making Gold During Halloween

A few ghoulish tips.

60. Don't Bot Me Bro

Why you shouldn't worry about bots.

61. Understanding the Systems of ArenaNet

This is key for speculating.

62. Recycling Items Sold Video

Helpful tips for trading post veterans and novices alike.

63. Financial Investments Versus Upgrades

Once again, my attempt to mold you into a finely tuned auctioneer.

64. Price of Gems During Halloween

Going up seems to be the trend for gems on every holiday.

65. Oh No! The Market is Stabilizing!

My favorite complaint from novices.

66. Middle of the Market

Where the money is of course!

67. Law of Supply and Demand

Simple economics for a not so simple world.

68. Fear and Hope in the Trading Post

I got a lot of criticism for this post, but I believe that it's spot on.

69. Tp Calc For Your IPHONE!

Helpful little app for your smart phone.

70. Don't Panic Over Old News

Seriously, there is no need to panic. Yet.

71. - 86.

87.  Little Guild Wars 2 Secret

Another simple yet effective secret to share with you.

88. Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Good general tips for holidays, even ones that are not associated with an in game event.

89.  Making Money Instead of Gold

We need more bloggers, so join the cause (and make some money too)!

90.  Two Quick Questions about Making Gold in GW2

And the answers too of course.

91.  How to Find Great Deals on Trading Post

It's a lot easier than you think.

92. Fat Thumbs on Small Cell Phones

Sigh. Salvaging tip's at the bottom so I included this one in this list.

93.  Is this the Mad Money Show of GW2?

This is so freaking true. DEFINITELY READ THIS. Especially if you impulsively follow my advice.

94. Flipping Giant Wintersday Gifts

Spread some holiday cheer and fill your coffers like Uncle Scrooge. It's the best of both worlds.

95. 5 Ways to Make Gold: Wintersday Gold Guide

A few of these work, some are outdated. Read the comments for details on which ones have worked for people and which haven't.

96. Successful at Making Gold

More like a life tip than a gold tip.

97. GW2 Crafting Gold

Much like the "middleman" post.

98. Guild Wars Trade

Helpful site with a lot of cool features.

99. Making Realistic Gold in Guild Wars 2

Be realistic and you'll reach your dreams.

Making Realistic Gold in Guild Wars 2


I've noticed something of late in the emails that come every day to my mailbox. Many of them are following the theme of people grasping at straws hoping for a get rich quick scheme from me. I understand the motivation, but there is no way to cheat at the Guild Wars 2 economy. You have to play smart and frugal until you amass enough income to purchase large quantities of materials, armor, mini's, gems, etc. Even then, you'll be lucky to get back 30% profit on the money you invest each day.

Just flipping items that I've suggested in the 30 day market guide and flipping strategy will earn you around 30-50% profit for your investment. So if you have 1 gold, that can become 1.3 to 1.5 gold in a night. If you have 100 gold, then it's 130 to 150 gold per 24 hour cycle.

Playing weekly cycles and speculating is where you can achieve much higher profit margins, but your risk is exponentially greater. Garlic has been a pretty consistent winner in terms of weekly speculating, but every once in a while it goes berserk and falls off in value. That's why I recommend speculating when you have a lot of gold and can afford to lose large portions of it. Even when you do speculate, you should still be crafting and flipping to offset bad days.

If you're looking for a get rich quick scheme for Guild Wars 2, you've come to the wrong place. Sorry, but I will help you achieve greatness the right way! Who knows, maybe it will carry over to other games or even real life.

Guild Wars Trade


I'm loving a site I just discovered called Guild Wars Trade. Despite the fact that they've been around longer than GW2Spidy, I never happened to stumble up on it. Very glad I did, because this place is awesome!

One of the best sections is the recipe area, with its straight forward profit margins and required items per recipe. Maybe you can make some gold from crafting today with Guild Wars Trade Recipes!

I particularly like that the site is faster than GW2Spidy and it does a good job of showing less (which is more when you don't want to get overwhelmed by data).

Be sure to also look into their News Feed, it has reddit, forums, and sites like this one displayed all on one page.

GW2 Crafting Gold


I'm not going to name any specifics. That's right, I'm not going to give you any examples whatsoever of crafting methods that work. I will, however, describe to you how I am making 10+ gold per day from the disciplines I currently use.

I'm the middle man, playing the markets between end product and base material. That alone is enough to get you looking in the right direction, but you need to use two additional tips to really make crafting work.

1. Get your materials for bid prices (buy what you can from vendors, as it is always cheaper than normal listings).
2. Sell your crafted items 1 copper beneath the nearest "wall" of unsold items. This could be several silver higher than the lowest amount!

You won't get where I am over night, but eventually you can achieve 10+ gold per day from crafting.

Another tip is knowing that prices tend to drop during certain points of the week for different materials.

Successful at Making Gold


Stop trying to force success upon yourself. Success, in this case, is making lots of gold, and it's something you have to earn.

Yes, some people get lucky and discover a get rich quick scheme in Guild Wars 2. It happens because the game has a discovery system, which means that once everyone learns the same tip it becomes useless.

The things I teach, they don't dissapate when everyone uses them. The flipping tips, for example, have enabled hundreds of people to earn plenty of gold. At least enough to get moving on to bigger and better things. Crafting methods are another great way to succeed. You just have to diversify, especially when you're learning. Finally, I teach that weekly cycles help determine the price of items, and usually there is enough change between the highest high and lowest low to earn some gold.

Speculating should only be attempted by people who are masters of the trading post, not novices looking for quick fixes. It's high risk, high reward business, whereas someone new should be attempting low risk, low reward.

5 Ways to Make Gold: Wintersday Gold Guide


#1. Make Gold During Wintersday with Sigils

You can flip the Minor, Major, and Superior Sigil of Generosity for serious profit. Just win with a bid and then undercut slightly to ensure that you sell (obviously still at a profit). You can use my Guide to Flipping if you're new to this method.

#2. Make Gold During Wintersday with Giant Wintersday Gifts

The time for opening Giant Wintersday Gifts is over. Instead, you should press refresh and slowly but surely buy out cheap Giant Wintersday Gifts. They fluctuate so quickly at times, especially the buy orders, that you can obtain them for cheaper than the current average going price. At the time of this writing, I was buying them for 1 silver 50 copper or less, and selling at 2 silver 20 copper. I eventually grew tired of making gold through such a repetitive and thoughtless method, but it does work!

#3. Make Gold During Wintersday with Orichalcum Plated Dowels

Instead of just buying and flipping these, I would highly suggest that you place buy orders on the Ancient Wood Planks and Orichalcum Ignots required to make these. Win the buy orders, craft the item, and sell for massive profits. The people buying these are crafting Giver's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription which is not a profitable item to flip by itself. However, if you win some buy orders for crafting materials and then make it yourself, you're sure to earn a nice chunk of change.

#4. Make Gold During Wintersday with Ugly Wool Hats

Flip em' old school just like the Giant Wintersday Gifts. Place your buy orders and sell whatever you end up getting for a copper less than the cheapest seller. Watch out for sudden drops in lowest price, and skip over these people to avoid taking a loss.

#5. Make Gold During Wintersday with Snowflake Mithril Ring of Winter

You can also use the Snowflake Mithril Earring of Winter. Both trinkets sell for far more than their buy order price. So much so that I almost exclusively used this method today. I love that the trinkets have +healing, +magic find, and +boon. Those three stats are so awesome for healers that want to be able to farm.

Have you found any other nice methods for making gold during Wintersday?

Flipping Giant Wintersday Gifts


I have an example for you today of me buying Giant Wintersday Gifts for profit. You can absolutely flip them if you buy now and sell them later in the season (or their contents), but I'd much rather try to make gold now. Here is my first experiment with them so far, buying early on a Saturday morning.

Part of my strategy involved spamming refresh until the gifts were close to 2 silver each. No matter what you get an ugly wool sweater, so you always make back half the silver you spent if you buy at my price range.

First Attempt: 38 Silver for 18 Giant Wintersday Gifts

15.55 Silver for Drops of Magic Glue
19 Silver for Ugly Wool Sweaters
3.85 Silver for Flawless Snowflakes

Result: 38.4 Silver back (.4 Silver Profit)

Yes, I only made .4 silver, but there definitely appears to be an opportunity here for profit throughout the holiday season. On Monday morning I will be buying these things like crazy, emptying the contents, and then selling them by Friday of next week. It's all about being patient, as these items are MOVING FAST. Their prices fluctuate ridiculously quickly, and it makes the difference between profit and loss.

How to Prepare for Wintersday in GW2


Here's my advice for how to prepare for Christmas (Wintersday) in Guild Wars 2.

You need to do two things.

1. Buy Gems now.

2. Buy BLC's now.

You can speculate on any number of other items in this game, but those two are guaranteed to be winners in my mind.

If you are sheepish about gold, at least buy the black lion chests. Come on, they went to 40 copper during halloween and this is freaking Christmas... with more people being able to participate due to vacations. There will be lots of new items coming out of the chests and the gem store itself. Plus, you'll probably have the largest number of people playing the game since release.

Great Product, Terrible Sales Page


I've been listening a lot to your emails and trying my best to help each and every one of you. While I'm good at showing you ways to make gold, I have not had the time to play every profession and experiment with every discipline. In saying that, am by no means an expert in all aspects of playing Guild Wars 2. Obviously I definitely have the trading post down really well and I know just enough about each discipline and profession to make lots of gold, but I do not have enough knowledge to dominate every aspect of the game. So when you ask me for the best warrior build or the best gear for an elementalist (my own discipline), I don't always have a great answer for you. Since I don't have the time to experiment and discover these answers, I would like to recommend a product instead.

Finding a product that can fill in the gaps of what I've already shown you has been a very real challenge. For starters, the Forum here along with the blog should have seriously given you a leg up when it comes to making gold. To find something that can come close to complimenting such an advantage has proven to be a real stumbling block. On top of this, I needed to find an equally valuable leveling and crafting walk through all in the same guide. Oh, and by the way, it can't be too expensive. Many of you are already paying $10 per 6 months to use the forum here, so selling you a $47 product would be asinine.

Warrior One vs One Build
This left me with few options, and eventually I revisited a product that I had initially ignored. It didn't have the glitz and fancy feel of some other guides I had seen, but the one thing it possessed was valuable content all in one place. I really enjoyed reading the builds, like this example one for warriors in the image above, and I felt that every aspect of it was both useful and concise at the same time. Even a novice player can pick this guide up and start using it, but pros will also instantly realize the time and effort required to produce such short cuts to character building.

One final reason I waited so long to show you my favorite paid guide is the fact that the game was far too young before this point. With new events like the Lost Shores, I can see which guides are actually going to stick around for the long haul and provide updated information. This one definitely stepped up to the plate, and I'm sad to see it has no competition doing the same.

I'm never going to write a guide to leveling and building characters in Guild Wars 2. The only thing I'm planning on doing is maintaining the forum and this blog. So if you want to dominate every aspect of the game, save time building your perfect character, and get a leg up in pvp, then Guild Wars 2 Domination is the answer to the questions you've been sending me.

You'll notice from the get go that this guide has a horrible sales page. There isn't much information and it really fails to convey just how many great nuggets of detail are hidden within this beauty. Which I guess is a good thing for you, since so few people will ever see it!

It's also pretty cheap compared to other 'all-encompassing' guides about Guild Wars 2, and it is the only one I've seen with updates for lost shores. That's my recommendation if you want to spend money on the game, but if you do not, please respect those people that do.

Regardless of what you decide, I'm still going to be here giving you trading post tips constantly.

See you tomorrow,


30 Markets in 30 Days: #16


This 30 day series of posts will showcase my absolute favorite items to flip in Guild Wars 2. If you need help identifying what's worth playing, or just need ideas of where to get started, then this is the place for you. Also keep in mind that a lot of the items worth flipping are also worth crafting!

Market #16: Burning Embers
Who can give up an easy 40 copper per trade? I sure can't! Pay attention to similar items of this category with even higher profit margins...

Remember to check out my Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide if you're lost.

For the rest of the 30 markets, check back regularly and look at the "30 Markets in 30 Days" label on this site.

Is this the Mad Money Show of GW2?


Have you ever seen Mad Money? I haven't religiously watched it or anything, but on occasion I've laughed at the way Jim Cramer plays bull and bear sounds while yelling at me from the television. Jim tries to warn people of easy to avoid financial loss as well as small, easy winners on wall street. What ends up happening is a comical little side game where people with lots of money in the stock market are able to take advantage of the masses who follow Jim's advice. During the Olympics, Mad Money was aired at 1 PM during trading hours, and people followed Jim's advice in real time. Well, if he said buy a certain stock, then smart investors bought immediately and sold within an hour or two for a nice profit. If Jim said sell, then those individuals sold at first, but then bought at the end of the day.

Basically, certain people took advantage of the masses of inexperienced traders who followed Jim blindly.

I am starting to think that I could become the Jim Cramer of Guild Wars 2.

Perfect Example: Mystic Forge Node

I told people that this was one of my 30 Markets in 30 Days items. Basically it was an easy flip that made money daily for me. At the time of that posting, a Mystic Forge Node would cost you 30 silver. You know what it costs today? Over 3 gold! This is just one example, but I've noticed this sort of pattern for a long time now.

Like Mr. Cramer, my motive here is to give advice that helps people, and that advice similarly is both easy to follow and act upon. For these reasons, it's also easy to take advantage of people who follow it. Sorry, but that's just the nature of the beast that we call "the economy."

Next time I give you advice, I want you to do two things:

#1. Take whatever I say and figure out how it can be applied to other areas of the game's economy. If I tell you to flip a level 35 item, think about all the other level categories and why the same advice might apply there too. This will help diversify where people use my tips instead of everyone flipping the one item that I give as an example for the method.

#2. Read my advice with a grain of salt, and then think about how this information might change the market place. If I tell people to flip something, the competition will potentially raise it's price significantly. There are definitely ways to profit here both directly and indirectly. If the item in question affects another market, you might see changes there as well that are both easy to predict and react to.

My Guild Wars 2 has been acting up lately, and I was unable to log in all weekend. Just keeps crashing at start up and I think my graphics card my have issues. Will work to get it fixed asap.

Until then, what do you think of this blog so far? Is it helping you, in particular the emails and forums associated with this site? Where can I improve and more importantly, what do you need most?

Thank you to whomever the 1,000th reader was on this site, you made my day.

Jim Markco

30 Markets in 30 Days: #15


This 30 day series of posts will showcase my absolute favorite items to flip in Guild Wars 2. If you need help identifying what's worth playing, or just need ideas of where to get started, then this is the place for you. Also keep in mind that a lot of the items worth flipping are also worth crafting!

Market #15: Mini Colocal

Mini's are a pretty reliable earner for me, especially because collectors tend to buy every mini on the trading post at once or in small groups. I often notice that several of my mini's sell in a short period of time, hence this conclusion, though it could be pure luck!

Remember to check out my Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide if you're lost.

For the rest of the 30 markets, check back regularly and look at the "30 Markets in 30 Days" label on this site.

30 Markets in 30 Days: #14


This 30 day series of posts will showcase my absolute favorite items to flip in Guild Wars 2. If you need help identifying what's worth playing, or just need ideas of where to get started, then this is the place for you. Also keep in mind that a lot of the items worth flipping are also worth crafting!

Market #14: Mystic Forge Nodes

I'm sure there will be people pissed about revealing this market. Sorry, but that's just part of writing this blog, and believe me, I'm going to be sad to see it temporarily be less profitable. But as of this writing, you can almost sell back for double your investment when attempting to flip Mystic Forge Nodes. It's been a favorite of mine for a long time!

Remember to check out my Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide if you're lost.

For the rest of the 30 markets, check back regularly and look at the "30 Markets in 30 Days" label on this site.

30 Markets in 30 Days: #13


This 30 day series of posts will showcase my absolute favorite items to flip in Guild Wars 2. If you need help identifying what's worth playing, or just need ideas of where to get started, then this is the place for you. Also keep in mind that a lot of the items worth flipping are also worth crafting!

Market #13: Large Claws

Unlucky 13 I guess, because Large Claws hit the top 10 traded items last night when I was writing this. Damn shame because their profit margin was greatly reduced soon after that happened. Still, I would recommend buying these in the morning and selling at night for a good 10-20 copper per large claw. They have fluctuated wildly for a long time, so don't invest more than a few silver at a time into these. Only good side to them is that there is always demand! Just got to grab 'em cheap and relist when the price is high enough for your liking.

Remember to check out my Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide if you're lost.

For the rest of the 30 markets, check back regularly and look at the "30 Markets in 30 Days" label on this site.

Fat Thumbs on Small Cell Phones


So yesterday I was waking up and checked my smart phone for new blog comments. Normally there is one or two patiently waiting to be approved, but on this particular Sunday morning there were eight! I selected the check mark for each one and then pushed approve. However, the message I received from my phone said "8 Comments have been Deleted." Good job fat thumbs! So I just want to say sorry to everyone who left a comment and had it deleted. I don't know who you are or what you said, all I know is that it was valuable information lost :(. I glimpsed something about an additional tip on the Queensdale copper farming route, 5 being the magic number for flipping armor, and someone laughing about forum credits.

Not a great way to start the week! Please, if you were one of the deleted comments, do your best to re-submit your questions/suggestions/tips once more. I'll do my best not to push delete!

For today's gold tip, Arsh emailed me this great advice:

"I just wanted to make sure it was noted to you that it might be good to mention to people that right now it'd be smart to keep an eye on the price of a Master's Salvage kit and it's worth vs Mystic Salvage Kits. As it is right now, it costs 2g 83s to make a Mystic Salvage kit. 20 Master's Salvage kits costs 3g. This difference is tiny compared to what it was a couple weeks ago.

If the gem prices rise much more, the Master's Salvage kits will be cheaper and thus more profitable to work with.

Hope that tip helps you make a good post.
Thanks again for all the great advice on your blog.


How to Find Great Deals on Trading Post


I just wrote a post on the forums, under the "Markco's Crazy Thoughts" section, that details exactly how I manage to find so many great items worth salvaging on the trading post. There's no searching aimlessly and no guessing involved with this method. There's also a little trick I use, that another member showed me here, that literally reduces my time selling items by 50%.

If you're trying to level a new discipline, we've scoured the internet for the best free guides and compiled them here.

For the flipping junkies, we have a section appropriately named "the OFFICIAL XXXX is spiking HARD right now!" thread. Thank you JackBeShippin for the brilliant idea.

Overall I would say that the TP Extractor forums have been very successful, and I'm excited to see just how big/knowledgeable it will become as Guild Wars 2 evolves. Join the TP Extractor today!

Two Quick Questions about Making Gold in GW2


Question 1.If I were to follow your guidelines and only stick to about a 5s profit for each item, how much money would I be able to make in a week?
Question 2. When buying these items, how many should I be buying at a time?"

Good questions! I had these in an email a few days ago and thought I'd answer on the blog instead of just one on one. I figure at least a few other people are thinking something similar.

Answer 1:

Sticking to 5 silver profit per item following my guide lines for flipping implies that the item is being bought at 5 silver and sold at 10 silver + 15% tax. Or perhaps you are flipping items from 15 silver to 20 silver + 15% tax. Either way, you need 2-4 times your profit as an investment before you can make any gold. If you have 1 gold and invest it all, then you will make back around 1 gold 50 silver from a single flipping cycle.

How many times can you flip? Also, how frequently are your items selling? Those are the kinds of questions that need to be answered before a realistic gold per week can be calculated. I find it pretty easy to at least make back 150% of your investment in a single cycle of buying and selling your flipped items. So if you start at 1 gold, it becomes 1.5 gold on day 2, 2.25 gold on day 3, etc.

As you get more gold, you can take risks and invest in longer term markets that give more than double investment profit. So it's not just a linear progression of 1.5x your investment each night at that point.

Answer 2:

I try to buy 1 and flip it. If that first one sells, then I buy two and flip. After that it's 5, followed by 25. That's the kind of pattern I personally follow. Eventually you find a happy number that tends to get completely bought and sold in a single night of trading.

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