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Buying, Selling, Flipping Exotics Video

This video will hopefully help those of you frustrated by being unable to flip Exotic items on the Trading Post. I feel bad because I talked so much about fast flipping that most of you probably just tried to use the same strategy on Exotics... with tragic consequences.

Being successful with Exotics is all about competitiveness. You need to undercut harder, sell lower, and basically bloody your opponents through pricing. The one copper under/over cutting you're used to isn't going to work in the big leagues.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Short, but useful. I recently moved a crafted exotic that I tried selling with the -1c method, so I learned this one the hard way after losing ~5g in listing fees over the course of a couple weeks.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Makes sense. I've come into this market now and then and have seen what happens. I was going on a percentage basis, but definitely not as deep and only on the sell order. I've had to re-list a few times like the previous anon, but I still make a profit eventually. I think I will try the buy order suggestion in the future and see what happens.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I appreciate what you're doing with this site but I'm sorry to say your advice about slow flipping really isn't very good at all.

    You say that you'll "usually" get an item with a +1 copper buy order on a rare exotic? This just isn't true, I've placed thousands of buy orders for exotic items and I perhaps get 1% of them fulfilled in a 24 hour period. You do a +1 copper buy order and there's a 99% chance you'll get outbid before someone fulfils it.

    The second massive point that you seem to be missing is that exotic prices are rising over time. You place a +1 copper buy order and get out bid, the price will simply continue to rise over time and your offer will probably never be highest. Even worse with your suggestion of a -25% buy order! If you put in a really bad buy order where there are loads of better offers, you'll never be fulfilled because people will just keep adding buy orders to the pile on top of yours and with prices rising all the time you'll soon be left in the dust.

    The only time that this strategy makes sense is if the market is crashing and prices are falling - but why would you want to invest in a market where this is happening??

    I'm not going to go into detail about my market techniques because the number one tip for playing the market is "don't tell people how you do it" - but I'll just say that when you talk about waiting a long time to get your buy order fulfilled then trying to sell quickly, you've got it backwards.

    - Chalky

  1. Markco said...:

    Perhaps we are playing very different exotic markets. There definitely are too many for the general strategy to always work.

  1. Chalky said...:

    True, my items are always much lower in value than your example and admittedly there are downsides to my methods.

    It requires a large investment in buy orders (upwards of 300 gold at once) in order to make around 10 gold profit per day and I tend to hold large stocks of items for sale at any one time which makes my operation vulnerable to unexpected market crashes. As such, I tend to stop trading before any major update hits so I have a chance to work out if exotic prices will crash or not.

    That said, I feel the downsides of trying to flip 10 gold items are pretty huge if 10 gold is a lot of money to you. I might have 40 items for sale at any one time of between 1.5 and 3g each so I don't really care of some of them don't sell for a month or two but if your 10g item value crashes you've kinda put all your eggs in one basket.

    Anyway, you've got yourself a fan even if I disagree with this particular method :) I'll try to keep up with your site in future, the subject fascinates me.

    - Chalky

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Flipping exotics is a very slow process, and time is money. The amount of money you need to in vest here can be invested elsewhere with lower profits but much higher turn around.

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