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Congratulations on 100 Gold Earned!

Danny wrote me a few days ago:
        You can list me as a successful convert. I just surpassed the 100 gold mark and all of my 8 lvl 80s are fully geared with exotics and some expensive...really nice runes and sigils. I cant point to a single strategy since I am always practicing most of them. I regularly buy and sell stacks of crafting material and watch on and off throughout the day...as I am playing the game and sell when it reaches what I hope is its peak ...very often around 6 pm pst. I look forward to trading the higher level items, but I want to increase my base line to 150 or 200 before I start risking 20 to 40 gold at a time.
Thanks for the advice and heads up on this aspect of the game. While I don't necessarily enjoy it, it does make my game play more fun.
I really like two things about this email:
1. Danny mentioned watching all day until around 6 pm pst before noticing a "peak" in the pricing. Bravo! I'm very happy that you found a time to sell your items. What you didn't mention, and which I'll leave up to everyone else to figure out, is the sweet spot for buying these items. Also, Danny, do you play every day? If you could email me one of the markets you play I will do some GW2Spidy investigations to see if 6 pm pst truly is the cyclical peak.

The point is that Danny studied his markets and that paid off for him big time. Not just once, but over and over again.
2. Second, Danny mentioned waiting until he had more gold to start investing 20-40 of it at a time. Bravo again! That shows a lot of wisdom which makes me think that Danny also does a good job with his real life money and investing.

Thanks for the email Danny, made my day. Email again when you hit 1,000 gold!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Same here, I dont invest more then 10 gold on the market during 1 week period, I have about 70 gold.

    Maybe I'm not maximizing my profits, but I tend to place my buy orders before going to bed and selling in the morning before going to work.

    It takes me less time to sell vs buying. Buying in the morning would take too long, its time I dont have.

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