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Could Unidentified Dyes Actually Spike in Price?

I ran around last night collecting momentos from fallen refugees and reconstructing signs, but haven't really gotten into all that this patch has to offer yet. Most of my night was spent scouring the auction house looking for any recent changes. 

Here's my crazy backwards logic as to why Unidentified Dyes will actually spike in price, despite my earlier predictions that they would crash hard... remember this post on Arenanet's "Blunder" ?

NOTE: In the two hours that I got to play, dyes started at 18 silver and tanked down to 16 silver. So I wouldn't advise acting on my speculation unless you are ready to accept massive losses as a possible consequence!

Just because you get a bunch of free dyes from your laurels, does not mean that you got the exact dyes you wanted when you opened them up. Sure, some of the people who buy dyes will just be dumping them on to the trading post for some fast money. But I think that most people who buy dyes will open them up in the hopes of getting specific, expensive ones. When they fail to get the dye they wanted, it is entirely possible that they will spend some gold if they are out of laurels.

This could, if only temporary, lead to a rise in the price of unidentified dyes during this weekend. I would think that afterwards the price would surely begin to diminish as all those people eventually break down and buy the dyes they want or end up getting them from identifying dyes. Once demand is gone, the constant supply of new dyes from laurels will drive the price down. This could be an opportunity, what do you think?

Another factor is what you can get besides dyes for your laurels. If you want straight money, you are much better off grabbing one of the gathering tools. I think it would go tools > dyes > tier 6 crafting materials at this point in the marketplace. But I haven't opened a tier 6 crafting bag yet to know how much is within it.

More analysis is required... I look forward to this weekend.

Are you enjoying the patch so far?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Given the new infusions such as 15% karma or 20% gold, I feel it be likely A LOT of players rush towards getting that amulet without stopping (& thus cleaning up on some of these infusions ASAP).

    5 Laurels for 10 dyes seems like a bit of a rip in a sense. I'm not sure that laurels will significantly affect dyes, but thats just my opinion as an anon reader :)


    I haven't actually read into it yet, but I heard a rumor that the crafting bags can only be purchased once per account

  1. Anonymous said...:

    you are thinking of the crafting starter kits that are one per account the T6 bags hold 3 t6 mats the few i and other guild members purchased usually had 2 of the same then 1 other material in them

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