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Crafting for the Love of Gold

I know I've really been holding back on the crafting strategies. Locked tight within the confines of a secret vault, beneath the terrible cliffs of a swiss bank mountain top, lies my entire spreadsheet of profitable crafting strategies. But keeping it all to myself is not going to make you any more gold (which also defeats the entire purpose of this site!). I'm sorry for this and I think that I'm ready to start revealing a handful of my tricks in order to get you to build a collection of your own.

Wool Gloves Padding
Cost to Create: 66 Copper
Sale Price: 1 Silver 45 Copper
Profit: 57 Copper

Wool Gloves Panel
Cost to Create: 64 Copper
Sale Price: 1 Silver 55 Copper
Profit: 68 Copper

The spool of wool thread and other vendor items should always be bought in bulk instead of on the trading post. You would think that goes without saying, but on day one I was buying from the trading post without knowing any better.

So why wool anything? Wool has one of the best profit margins when you convert wool scraps into cloth (compared to other cloth materials). You can save a whopping 25% of the cost on wool cloth if you first take the time to win buy orders on the scraps and turn them into cloth. Be careful though, as sometimes the market shifts and you are better off buying wool cloth instead of scraps all together!

Why do I stop and sell these items instead of continuing to craft? The fact is that most finished crafting items cost less than the embroideries used to create them. This is because people pay a lot of money to level quickly, and thus they value the embroideries more than the finished products.

Keep in mind that I could not successfully flip any of these items based on their buy/sell orders. I HAVE to craft the scraps into cloth and the cloth into paddings or panels in order to turn a profit. This opens up new avenues of making gold in Guild Wars 2 for two reasons:

It takes time and patience.
Not all players have access to tailoring.

Same goes for all other disciplines. Over time, if the population of Guild Wars 2 decreases, then I believe that these crafting materials will also diminish in value. As long as prices remain high, then that reveals there are many people leveling their disciplines and not enough who want to use these items while leveling. I'd prefer this way because it creates a marketplace where most crafters rush through lower levels to get to the "profitable" markets. What they will eventually realize is that level 80 is the LEAST PROFITABLE MARKET IN GUILD WARS 2.


  1. krazifan said...:

    How about sharing the spreadsheet with the forum (paid) members?

  1. Markco said...:

    That's not a bad idea. I should probably organize it better. It's literally just a list of names and non vendor materials, as well as a couple of notes like salvage for material x instead of buying it.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It seems quite a bit of people read your blog. Shortly after posting this profit on these two items dropped significantly. Hopefully this drop is only short term, what do you think?

  1. Carter said...:

    Just wondering.. Are people actually bying these things for that price? Not that i'm against it, i'm just only seeing offers about the same price as the cost of making it.. The same when it comes to recipes, most of the offers are about the same as the cost.. But there is still "enough" people buying of the sales price? Hope u understands!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Based on all of the data on Salvaging for Ecto's using Master's could actually equate to less profit instead of using Basic kits.

    Plenty of data on reddit and the official forums on ecto salvaging.

  1. Markco said...:

    I have a few tricks in the forums not listed on reddit or anywhere else for that matter.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Does that mean the members are getting the scoops soon?!

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