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Email Plus Trading Post Tip

Great email came in that speaks for itself. Really like the tip at the end as well! Thank youZant for the kind words.
( kinda of odd to say that to you, what would be the proper respect for someone half your age, but someone you gotta admire has the - knowledge - to beat the game system, and have the smarts to make a site that helps others ( fee negligeble)
Im sure you get all types of players that send you thanks in 1 sentence responses or maybe just a bunch of tys. But  I really wanted to convey to you the truly warm and wonderful feelings i have, now that i have learned thru, and i gotta say at first i was very much sure i wasnt gonna learn anything, or that i would just get hints. But i gota give you credit, your site is well done, the blogs of information, have truly tried to inspire players to make as much gold off the game as they could, your email tips, and your extr contributors or even posts from others, have allowed me to make my first 50, 100, and 250 gold in gw2.
Alot of players just play the game, buy what they need and save, and maybe never see more then 10g in thier bank, and then feel day and day, week after week that they are missing out. and Once i made over 100 gold i gotta say, i stopped playing-working so hard at playing and started playing more. for the fun of it.
when a regular player, or even a weekend player uses the information even dated from your site, they will profit. im just a regular casual player, maybe 40hrs a week.
Flipping, buying, BO's and just out right trading, its all good, and its all profitable. and im not botting, farming, or grinding.
Thanks, Sure i have bought a gem card for more bank slots, after that, i can use all that excess gold to pay for gems from now on.
Thanks. I wish you a long life, and prosperity.
Quick tip: Crafting Guides show specific items to buy to level up crafting. ( hint) buy those items in bulk and post them to the tp, for the weekend crafters.


  1. ah! the crafting guide tip is really really good. I've made a killing out of buying meatballs in bulk last weekend. Be sure to place your BO's during week days.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    40 hours a week is a casual player?

  1. Markco said...:

    Silly anonymous. Always something to point out that adds to the conversation :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    LOL at 40 hours casual player comment by other Anonymous :) I agree 40 hours is like a full time job.

    I now have 70 gold thanks to Markco :) and I started following the guides during Christmas. I've been passing this info to my wife who is is almost at 200 gold (she's doing better then I am ) :) We both only had 2-5 gold when we started.

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