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Free and Paid GW2 TP Scraper Tools

NOTE: The paid scraper tool that I mention in this post is now officially live and useable! Thanks for your patience!

Gold Wars [Paid] - Ever wonder what would happen if you could search on the Trading Post with search criteria like "profit margin %" and "demand"? Now you can, though it does cost money for this beastly tool.

Novice flippers will find it useful but the really good flippers will dominate with this information. No free tool is up to this standard, and the owner has assured me that he is going to continue to innovate and improve upon his paid product.

Customization, Customization, Customization. This tool lets you customize the crap out of your search. By far that's the best part of utilizing it.

At first I noticed that there was no advice for players that purchased this tool. I contacted the owner and he took the time to create a tutorial which shows you the ins and outs of his product, as well as some thorough instructions that even beginners can put to use. I think that even players who never touched Guild Wars 2 in their life could use this tool and make gold faster than any other method.

It costs money! Obviously not a good thing, but I believe that the fewer people who use this tool, the better it is for those of us who have it. The competitive advantage you get is ridiculous. I recommend using a second monitor to display the Gold Wars 2 site while playing the trading post so you don't have to alt tab.

GW2TP [Free] - Best for new flippers seeking easy markets.

Definitely stay tuned because I think this site has a lot of potential. Right now it's just one search for all flips that will net you 4 copper or more that also have 750+ sell count. Despite having just one search permanently embedded into the site, I found it incredibly useful for identifying new markets to flip in. Since the listed items have so much demand, I quickly made a profit of 47 silver in 10 minutes using this tool. That included buying AND selling the items I flipped. Not too bad huh?

The looking for group section looks pretty interesting, and I would highly recommend taking a peak at it. Overall, the site shows a lot of promise!

Data updates every 10  minutes so it is not as accurate as some of the real time scrapers. But it's also much faster since you don't have to run a new query with each page refresh. The site is new so there isn't a lot of content in the guide area, but the owner is working hard to improve this section.

Guild Wars Trade [Free] - Best for crafting a profit. Great news section as well. Already featured on this blog previously.

GW2Spidy [Free] - Best for overall historical statistical data. Loads slowly. Already featured on this blog previously.


  1. Aozora said...:

    how did you even sign up for goldwars? its spinning me in circles telling me to activate before it'll let me pay, but doesnt give me a way to (or will it let me sign back in)

  1. Markco said...:

    I'll email the owner, but try logging out at the top right corner and then re-logging in. I had it as well yesterday when I was on the tool.

  1. Gold Wars 2 said...:

    Youch! Gold Wars 2 is experiencing an issue with ClickBank. We'll be back up soon. Hang in there in the mean time. Please shoot me an email and I'll send you one back as soon as the tool is available for purchase.

  1. Markco said...:

    Here is Tim's email for those who need it:

    goldwars2 AT gmail DOT com

    I'm pretty sure this is my fault for just assuming it would be approved by now. Sorry guys and girls.

  1. Maxy said...:

    Here's another free tool

    And another

    and another one

    it's a shame that people are trying to profit using gw2spidy, if i was the owner of gw2spidy, im sure i would block that goldwars IP.

  1. Markco said...:

    Maxy: None of the tools you listed does what Gold Wars 2 does. It is far better than GW2Spidy. Not in terms of historical data, but useful, current, actionable information.

  1. Gold Wars 2 said...:

    Thanks for the links, Maxy. I've been in contact with the creator of GW2Spidy. Believe it or not, one of the reasons the owner switched over to a public API was for the sole purpose of allowing developers like myself to utilize that data. How we utilize it is the final question and ultimately Gold Wars 2's purpose. CoinShaver is nice, as it's built in ASP.NET and that means it's fast.

    Now that's SICK. I LOVE it.

    They don't allow searching by any meaningful facets that *actually* save you enough time when you need to invest a lot of gold fast into hundreds of products.

  1. Chris Lanier said...:

    any updates on this issue? it looks like an awesome tool

  1. Markco said...:

    The owner is still waiting on clickbank. The moment it's ready I will create a new blog post and update this one.

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