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How Will Laurels Effect the Economy?

Here are two crucial things to consider:

1. Cost of Lowest Tier Crafting Mats Will Rise

Why? Because tier one mats are the cheapest way to get your crafting daily completed (which contributes to you getting more laurels). I tested and you do not need to gain experience in order to get credit towards the daily crafting achievement. It's easy to buy a bunch of logs and turn them into planks, for example.

2. Dyes May Not Be Effected At All

It seems like grabbing the bag of tier 6 crafting materials and even more so one of the tools is a far better deal than buying dyes. You would be better off selling the results of buying other items in order to buy dyes for a cheaper exchange rate. As long as that remains true, this should not hurt the dye market at all.


  1. Andy said...:

    I wonder if at first it'll be iron that is affected - on all my characters I seem to have a surplus or iron ore, but never copper. It'll certainly be interesting to watch what happens, either way :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The crafting daily is only 10 crafts. Although it's a lot of ppl playing, I really don't see an increase in price coming from this. it's too little and not every day. You can get 20 mats to refine into 10 just from the daily gatherer.
    But that's my opinion

  1. The Black Lion said...:

    I actually think the chef profession is the cheapest way to do your crafting daily, for example, Pile of Cinnamon and Sugar which only costs 10 copper to craft.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Daily Crafter should enter todays rotation for the Daily...so it'll be easy to see a price shift just after reset.

    I have to agree with anon above though for a couple of reasons:
    -the crafting required is just way to low to expect to see any sort of marked increase in tier 1 mats. 100 crafting ? Sure, maybe....
    -most people going about doing their dailies will already have the mats just by doing Daily Gather. The 2 (Gather,Craft) cancel each other out from a TP point of view.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Price of mats in no way will be affected by this. Bad post.

  1. Markco said...:

    Very convincing. Care to elaborate?

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