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Is Gold Wars 2 Worth Paying For?

*NOTE: I am not the author of the Gold Wars 2 Tool. That powerful trading post scraper is operated by Tim, also the owner of GoldWars2.com.*

Gold Wars 2 has officially been released for over a week now, and approximately 100 members of this website have purchased access to it already. But I'm sure there are plenty of readers here holding out to see if this product is truly worth investing in. Today I'll bring up a few common questions and answer whether or not this tool is going to exceed your expectations.

1. Will I get banned for using Gold Wars 2?

No you will not get banned for using Gold Wars 2. Arenanet supports the use of scrapers as long as they use the same API code as GW2Spidy, which Gold Wars 2 adheres to.

2. Why would I pay for a scraper tool?

There are plenty of free scrapers on the internet, including guildwarstrade and gw2spidy. However, there is a lot of room for improvement on speed, quality of results, search criteria, etc. Having a better tool means better results, and Gold Wars 2 is far enough advanced that the price is justified. Charging money for Gold Wars 2 also means that the number of people using it is naturally restricted. The tool is fast, the results useful, and the search criteria incredibly well thought out. I also like how Tim has incorporated additional features to the site to help you make gold beyond just scraping and continues to work on improving/innovating the tool's algorithms.

3. So can you make gold fast with Gold Wars 2?

I've had a lot of success with this tool, but I'm more interested in what other players have done. Every person who purchased the tool has continued to use it, but I have no emails yet from happy customers other than one that simply stated "This tool is Awesome!" While that kind of feedback is appreciated, I do not have any quantifiable results yet. Anyone who has used the tool and wants to email me or comment below, please feel free! I feel like I served everyone an outstanding meal, and instead of telling me that you like it, you're not wasting any time between bites!

For anyone who hasn't seen the inside of this incredible tool, go check out Gold Wars 2 today!


  1. Aozora said...:

    Ive had some good success. i dont feel like im blindly putting money on the tp anymore. yesterday i went from 50 to 60 gold, so i'd call that a success. I do have one thing to note, when youre doing searches, the "page back and forward" buttons at the bottom are broken, and there is no way to really tell which page you are currently on, so if you arent paying attention, its easy to lose your place

  1. Gold Wars 2 said...:

    Hey Aozora,

    Just fixed the page navigation at the bottom to accurately indicate where you're at on the page and make it easier on the eyes. Thanks for the feedback.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hey, gold wars 2 - what is up with those percentages? The way I see it if I buy at 1g and sell at 2g35s30c that's 100% profit not (+42.5%) Buying at 1 gold and selling at 10 gold is definitely not only 75% profit...

  1. Markco said...:

    I am not sure what you're looking at, but the "75" probably comes from:

    10 gold * .85 = 8.5 gold - 1 gold investment = 7.5 gold.

    The first example should be buy for 1 gold sell for 2 gold which means 1 gold profit.

    Unless you provide a screenshot of what you're talking about I cannot help you. But please forward this to the creator if you notice anything out of whack. He's pretty good about fixing issues quickly and taking feedback.

  1. Aozora said...:

    i have noticed that the percentages are sometimes off, usually on the higher end of the scale. like the person said, it'll say something like ...buy for 1 gold, sell for 10 = 75% profit margin. its no big deal since anything over 50% is really unstable anyways and likely not going move

  1. Gold Wars 2 said...:

    Hey Anonymous!

    Great question. Let's consult with TPCalc.com to see what they have to say. http://upload.tselaty.com/image/2x3T0R320f1M According to the screenshot, looks like they say that indeed 1 gold to 10 gold is 75% profit .

    The word problem is simple. This item sold for 10g, minus the listing fee, minus the sale fee, minus the cost of buying is what?

    The profit percentage in this case is 75% profit of the revenue.

  1. Aozora said...:

    thats silly. minus tax and listing fee, selling for 10g will leave you with 8.5g

    now, if you have 1g and you make 2, you made 100% profit, if you have 1g and you make 3g, you made 200% profit. having 1 and making 8.5 of it is 750%. Tp calc gets its values from how much money you got compared to what you sold an item for, and not how much money you are making compared to how much you spent, which is the definition of profit.

  1. Aozora said...:

    although what i just said is just proving the difference between profit and profit margin

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You're comparing gross to net. I'm saying I'm focused on net.

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