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Mystery of the Trending X

I was in a car accident a little while ago. Rear ended while sitting at a stop light waiting for the little red beacon to go dark and the green one to shine true. I'm not sure exactly how fast the person behind me was going, but I believe it was around the speed limit of 35 miles per hour. To sum up the injuries, I am going to a physical therapist now for my back twice per week (after a dozen failed treatments with the chiropractor). There is nothing weirder than putting a medicine ball between your legs and popping your back into place. Gives me a shiver every time lol.

I also have an injury that was probably caused from having a messed up lower back, but I can't prove it. Right after the accident I had to shovel about 300 wheel barrels worth of dirt, as well as chop up a troublesome series of roots in my backyard. By the end of a week I had tennis elbow and a busted shoulder. That landed me an additional two physical therapist visits for week, making a total of four.

So why am I telling you this? Because I have SUCKED at blogging the past month or so. Just flat out sucked. I'm not trying to get sympathy, I'm just trying to reassure you that things will get better as I work to get healthier.

Now, on to the Mystery of the Trending X. To find out what "X" actually is, you'll need to be a forum member and click this link. But you can learn from what I found despite having access or not (hence this post).

A few days ago I started randomly analyzing the "trending up" section of GW2spidy. Low and behold, I found an incredibly interesting pattern for several of the items involved, including the mysterious X. At 12 pm, around every other day, prices drop significantly for certain items. I cannot identify the exact reason, and several forum goers pointed just out how wrong my initial hypothesis was on this phenomenon. Whatever the cause, there is definitely profit to be made from this situation.

Perhaps we should be placing buy orders at 75% of normal values a few hours before this event. Maybe we need to be present during it and buying the lowest listings as they drop down. I'm not sure yet, but I do know that there's far more analysis to be completed with regards to price patterns in Guild Wars 2. Being a global economy, so many different time zones will wreck havoc on any annalist's brain.

I'll keep you posted if I figure anything else out... Cheers!


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