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New Bot Ban Wave Shows Potential Profits

Have you been investing in tier 5 and 6 materials the past two weeks? Well, you probably should have been, because new bot ban waves were getting implemented over at Arenanet headquarters.

I saw a pretty good post today that summed up the recent markets for each of the tier 6 materials:

Blood | Venom | Scales | Dust | Totems | Claws | Fangs | Bones

Credit for those links can be found here:  Tin Foil Economist Theories. [Reddit/r/GuildWars2]

On the Private Forums we brought up the rise of tier 5/6 materials right as they were happening, and hopefully you were among the people in the know at that time. Right now, I think there's still a small margin of profit to be made, only because tomorrow is a holiday in the United States. That means more people than usual will be online to purchase these materials and push the price slightly higher.

I have no idea if the price is going to plateau or potentially drop after monday though. I am therefore publishing this post over 12 hours early to give you all a headstart. Grab items with buy orders and sell with 1 copper undercuts or more depending on the profit margin. Also, remember not to ignore the tier 5 materials as well as unidentified dyes.

If you want to be risky, purchase with buy orders and then list your items 10-20% higher than the current lowest price. So if the price is 5 silver buy order and 10 silver sale order, put a buy order for 5 silver and then list at 12 silver even though there are tons beneath you. That way you don't have to be online waiting for the price to rise. Up to you how you decide to play this!

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,



  1. Phil said...:

    I feel there is a maximum price to the Tier 6 materials, and I believe it is related to the price of the tier 5 and tier 6 dust and the transmuting formula. You rarely see the T6 materials get over 25 silver (ish). This is because this is the point where you can make some mad profits on promotions. I have some articles up on this on my blog, egg baron (see Markco's blog roll).

  1. Leonadid said...:

    I can say that I made around 50% ROI on all my investments (average of course, some were under and some were significantly higher) following some of the earliest statements on the private forum. I made a fortune more or less.

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