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New Patch and Lots of Downloading

UGH! I am dying to play the latest patch for Guild Wars 2, but I'm staring at 5,700 files to download and it's going soooo slowly! I am afraid I may only get an hour or two of gaming tonight at best.

Here's hoping I can uncover some juicy information in that time, but I'm already well behind anyone who downloaded and played since last night.

Anyone more fortunate than I who wants to shed their own 2 cents on the latest patch? Gives anyone like me who is waiting for the download to finish something to do!

EDIT: I'm in the game and will have a post on the new laurel system tomorrow. See you then!


  1. Dylan said...:

    One thing I noticed is that you can buy 10 unidentified dyes for a certain amount of laurels (can't remember how many.

  1. Markco said...:

    Yeah remember this post? http://www.guildwars2tradingpost.com/2013/01/unidentified-dyes-arenanet-economic.html

    Do you know how many it is for how many dyes?

  1. Dylan said...:

    10 dyes for 5 laurels

  1. capnbishop said...:

    Here's a tip... Use the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule a periodic execution of Guild Wars 2 in "image" mode:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Guild Wars 2\Gw2.exe" -image

    Launching GW2 with the "-image" argument will cause it to open, download any updates, then close. It won't launch if you already have GW2 open, so it won't interfere with anything. The only really annoying thing is that you'll see it pop up whenever it launches; but that's too bad, knowing that everything is up to date by the time I get home from work!

  1. Phil said...:

    I just noticed this in the patch notes,

    Changed all non-copper karma gathering tools to have a level restriction.

    I was wondering how people had alt characters in South Sun mining Orichachum at low levels. Seems they wont be able to do this anymore. I wonder if that will effect its price.

    Also, the Rich Node in South sun is now just a normal node. I know a lot of people had alts farming this node, so i wonder...

  1. Phil said...:

    Also, I wonder how this information will effect mini-pet prices,


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