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Underestimated Volume of Sales

When you look at the above screen shot of Vital Bronze Plated Inscription, what do you see? Do you see 19 silver in profit? I sure do! That was just one market that I played last night because it was trading for almost three time the highest buy order. Anytime that is happening, even if it's a few copper, I am totally playing for keeps.

So I placed 100 buy orders and won 64 in an 18 hour period. Then I posted and sold in just three hours. What a waste of time, huh? 21 hours for 19 silver! Actually, it was more like a minute of work for 19 silver. At that ratio, I'd make almost 12 gold per hour for just two 30 minute sessions. I think we all can manage that.

What made all this possible? Volume. Some of my favorite methods to make gold start with selling hundreds and yes thousands of copper items.

Apply this information when you dabble in the Trading Post and you'll be successful eventually. Oh and use Gold Wars 2 to find markets faster that pay out like Vital Bronze Plated Inscription.


  1. jnnngrwoozy said...:

    I have found dozens of markets like this, but what is the best way to sell armor/weapons in bulk? I have trouble getting rid of stuff like this in numbers greater than 20. I always end up slowly selling them in bits of five but even at that rate it becomes kind of a chore

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm same with jnnngrwoozy. I end up with excess cargo and actually lose copper due to the 5% listing fee.

  1. Lohrian said...:

    You should not only look at the profit, but also at the trading volume, if there is less than 100 items on buy orders up then you shouldn't go for items that give you a few copper profit as it's not going to be time efficient. Low volume items are only interesting if they have a higher margin. Not just for efeciency but also for risk, low volume items sell slow so there is a higher risk to get undercut. So your margin has to be high enough to suffer a repost and additional listing fee without losing right away. So on low volume items anything less than a 20% margin is really gambling and should be avoided. You want to flip items fast, then look for high volume items that have at least a thousand on order, so you can safely buy a stack and be sure you can sell it fast.

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