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You Failing Bro?

Value of Failure. Did you learn anything today? Seriously, you should always answer this question with a yes, regardless of the topic. With regards to playing the trading post, you should be able to identify a lesson learned each and every single day.

Obviously, if you sell something then you will probably state that you learned that something could sell. What about when you didn't sell an item? Will you complain that you've learned nothing? Instead, you should consider the factors that went into the item remaining unsold, just as you should look at the causes behind successfully selling. This isn't hard to do, but equating failure to learning nothing will make it impossible to learn from your mistakes.

When I don't sell something, I seek to understand why that was the case. I see every item as worth something, and I avoid the use of absolutes all the time (except with that sentence). Saying nothing sells or it always sells are equally bad statements. Identify why something did or didn't sell and you'll start learning how to improve on the GW2 trading post.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I make 20-40 buy orders a night in 10-25 stacks. I'm usually successful but tonight I have two items that aren't able to sell. I'm keep on being undercut by other players. I'm getting so heavily undercut that I will never be able to sell these items. I'm going to wait a week and take them out, then re sell them undercutting the competitors, I'll have a much smaller profit, but atleast it'll sell.

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