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Don't Forget Your Leveling Experiences

There are lessons to be learned the first time you play any video game. I'm talking about whenever you're thrown to the wolves and have no idea how to overcome an obstacle. We'll turn to google, forums, blogs like this one, etc because the game's creator did not provide enough instruction both inside and outside of the game.

In the case of my leveling experience in Guild Wars 2, I noticed that I did not have enough damage from my underwater weapons. Usually this was because the game rewarded me an underwater weapon 5 levels ago and now the veteran monsters were having a field day with my corpse.

I talked about this market in a email to subscribers of this blog a long time ago (new subscribers eventually get it as well) and I'd like to discuss it on the blog today without any specific details of where the best underwater markets lie.

You would be shocked at how much people pay for them though, especially if they were frustrated like me while leveling up. Here's a screenshot of some really expensive underwater weapons I got for a fraction of their true cost:

A couple of these sold for over 40 silver!


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