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Flame and Frost Preview Option and Bag Gold Tips

Quickly before I get into today's actual post, here is some interesting news on bag math:

I just read a post, recommended by one of your comments on this blog, that did an outstanding job of showcasing the profitability of flipping bags.

Check this out, the information will surprise you!

Recently I've been trying to reach out and find both new and old bloggers who are doing a good job at covering the economy in Guild Wars 2. I'm adding The Pale Tree and Black Lion Trading Post today but am looking for any others you currently frequent.

Flame and Frost Preview Option and Gold Tips

There's also a new feature coming to the Trading Post called "Previewing". You'll be able to right click on any equipable item, select preview, and then behold what the item looks like on your character.

This should increase the sales of ALL weapon/armor items that look cool. Be on the lookout for any websites advertising the "coolest" weapons and armor for this patch. If you see a popular site gloating about specific items, buy those out and watch the money come in when you flip them.

Speaking of cool factor, some people will opt to craft their own legendaries. That's part of the reason I linked to The Pale Tree's post on the subject earlier.

There's a lot of focus on PvP in this patch, so watch out for PvP runes and sigils becoming popular this weekend. Buy now, sell on Friday/Saturday. If you don't know what items your profession needs to dominate in PvP, then you better start researching forums, google and various wikis. It's too much to write about here, but there are definitely opportunities for those who do their research.


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