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How to Invest with Trading Post Fees

"Good Afternoon Christopher,

I’m doing well and hope you are the same.  I’ve been an avid Guild Wars player since Guild Wars 1 came out.  I’ve really enjoyed playing the new game and I would like to start making a lot of gold to get some legendaries.

I’ve read through several of the articles on the trading post and have a subscription to Gold Wars.  (Thank you for making things concise and easy to understand)  I’ve managed to scrounge about 60 Gold so far through the normal grind.  I’ve started investing in container items for flipping but so far only two of ten investments have shown a profit.  Do you lose your listing fee if you pull your items off and then post them back at a lower sell price?  Any other tips you could share as I’m a newbie on the investing side of the game.

Thank you for your help and for the tools.  Have a great day."

Yes you do lose your deposit for a listing (5%). You also lose 10% after successfully selling it.

Try to avoid cancelling listings at all costs! I tend to leave an auction up for a week just to see if it will sell (and thus avoid the cost).

I have found that items which yield a small profit (50 copper to 1 silver) are far more guaranteed than say doubling your investment.

Try starting off REALLY small and going from there, focusing in on leveling trinkets (35 is right around when rares first appear and is a good starting point).

You can also check out my 30 markets in 30 days which attempts to showcase many different types of markets in the game.


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