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Learning to Quit Certain Markets

I've noticed something recently in the markets I'm not playing anymore. I used to be a pretty regular ecto salvager. But over time the process of winning bids on items worth salvaging has become tedious and too time consuming. It's fair to say that salvaging ectos is a good way to make a lot of gold, but it's too slow for the people that already have lots of gold.

You definitely want to redefine your  markets and always look for ways to tweak your daily activities. Even with regards to great markets like the Underwater Weapons for Levelers, there are definitely stronger areas than others that move fast and pay well. For example, there's this one weapon called "beaded" for the trident, spear and harpoon gun which more than doubles your investment. Those three markets are far superior to searching through dozens of masterwork quality under water weapons below level 30. I save time and make the same or more gold. That's what it's all about!

Continue to learn and evolve people! Don't get stuck in patterns, good or bad, because then you'll never grow.


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