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Phil's Big Breakthrough

A commenter named Phil said yesterday on "Strength in Numbers":

"Having just level both my Elementalist and Mesmer using only Power, then Power, Precision, then Power, Precision, Crit gear I can confirm this.

I also bought my armor at levels 10, 20, 35, 60, and 80. Wonder if others do something similar."

Phil is so very close to making a fundamental breakthrough that I hope many of you have made or will make soon. Here it is:

Your experience with the trading post is an insight into how countless other people use it.

Now, once Phil fully understands this, he needs to make a second leap forward in his journey to trading post mastery. Ready for it? Can you guess it? Here it is:

Knowing how he uses the trading post, Phil can take advantage of how others will purchase items in the same way.

So how can Phil take advantage of the other Phils out there? He can flip level 10-20 power weapons/gear/trinkets, level 35-60 power + precision, and level 80 power + precision + crit.

Just so you know Phil, I was just like you in buying the same items at the same time. Coincidence? Nope, that is when the better gear appears.


  1. Phil said...:

    Heh, just saw this in my feed and it jumped out at me for some reason ... :P

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. This really is what I have come to realize as the key to making money in the game. Look to how you play and multiply that by the 100s of other players doing the same thing everyday.

    It is also kind of a need/want thing. When players are levelling they see the gear as more of a "need" where as once they are 80 most choices are cosmetic and it is more of a "want" thing. I find I personally shop a lot differently when I need something as compared to when I want something.

  1. Babs Seed said...:

    I think the best way to take advantage of a prevailing mindset is to *not* get locked in price wars with people, whether buying or selling.

    Look up the item you're interested in, see what price it's likely to sell at, deduct a little from it, then place a *fair* buy order. Sometimes that means slashing a margin of 20% down to 8%.

    If something is buying at 35c and selling at 60c, get in there and gut it by buying at 42c and selling at 55c. Don't waste your time with +1c -1c price wars. Let your money do the work and leave the masses to bicker with each other.

    I buy and sell whole markets on my own this way and people let me do it because I make the margin I leave is too unattractive for competitors. Then I can walk away and let all my money do it's work.

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