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Post and Forget Profits

Is this really all that hard to do? 100 orders times 23 copper equals 23 silver. What do you get back when they all sell? Double your investment after fees. So I just plopped down 1 gold 23 silver and will end up with approximately 2 gold 46 silver from these 5 auctions alone.

It took me literally a few seconds to set this up. Search for level 10 trinkets, place buy orders 1 copper higher than vendor price, done.

You have to start thinking this way in order to make the big bucks on the trading post. Small profits but huge volumes. On a weekend you can make a killing from leveling trinkets like these. Amulets sell the slowest obviously because you only need one of those compared to the other trinket types.

The biggest benefit to this strategy is not just the amount of gold you make, but also the fact that you don't have to baby sit this at all. Log in, create your buy orders, log out. Log back in hours later, take buy orders, list auctions, log out. Log back in hours later and your money is waiting.


  1. Brent Sweany said...:

    Wait, so then you just sell these to vendors? Where are you making back the 1 copper you post above vendor on the TP? Sorry for the remedial question. I'm not very good at this.

  1. Brent Sweany said...:

    Wait, nevermind, disregard previous question. I just read the Gold Making Guide and now I feel dumb.

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