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Skin Names and Huge Prices

Aly wrote me a very interesting email that I'd like to share with everyone today:

"What really is in a name?

If anyone has them and hasn't checked recently (or salvaged them which is most likely) there is an interesting spike happening in the unusually named weapons from fractals that dropped prior to one of the recent patches.

The stats and skins on the weapons generally are nothing out of the ordinary or hard to find on the TP, they just have simple names such as "sword", "focus" etc.  Due to the supply  being scarce on these the prices are going up beyond reasonable ecto prices or what you can buy the standard version of the skins.  I sold 3 of these overnight averaging about a gold in hand each for a fairly normal rare.  Not all of them have had a price hike yet, such as the "trident", but the "sword" listings are up over 2 gold.  Whether they sell or not will be the gamble and the limited time option is on for the TP previewing coming in in the next big patch.  I expect the prices will probably crash out unless someone really loves the simple names even though you will then be able to see exactly which skin they are.

Happy trading if you haven't already got people in this niche."


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