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What's the Secret to Making Gold?

So what is the secret to making gold in guild wars 2?

It's all about your attitude. No, I'm not trying to dodge the question: What's the Secret to Making Gold? I'm actually giving you an honest answer that applies to the rest of your life as well. If you've ever dedicated yourself to a hobby or job, you'll know that having a positive, aggressive attitude does wonders for making you better at whatever it is you're doing.

Let's look at a question that a lot of people ask me:

"What market can I buy and sell quickly for big profits? Which items should I be flipping?"

If I had a sink or swim attitude to GW2 economics, I would just tell the people who ask this question that they need to find markets which are profitable and have higher demand than supply. This is the obvious answer, without the details of which markets fit into this category. Usually I will throw them a bone and say that it's mid level crafting materials or mid level jewelry. For example, here's 30 markets (may not be entirely complete yet when you read this, but scroll down after clicking the link to see them all).

But the core idea here is to get the people who ask this question to look up the answer for themselves. Why? Because that sort of inquisitive attitude will lead them to success.

The secret to making gold in GW2 is not knowing the right item to buy and sell, it's the abillity to learn this information for yourself on a daily basis. Why? Because the answer can change at any moment.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    thanks! i commented in the last thread and felt this post confirmed what i was thinking in response to my opinion that it's not that goldwars2 isn't useful but instead me needing to learn more. your blog's been extremely informative. i played WoW for a substantial amount of time and then eve for a little bit. with gw2 i finally decided i'd try to learn how in-game economies work and reading your posts have helped me out a great deal.

    even though i've been playing since head start i never was able to have more than 5g even though i rarely bought anything off the TP. but i've been able to make 30g since mid December after following your blog so i'm really pleased cause i have a really busy real life schedule and don't have the time to grind out CoF everyday. a good part of that was your advice to not dump all my money into bad investments. while i haven't made 100g in a month i haven't had a loss over 50s either.

    fwiw, i think goldwars2 is pretty much a steal for costing $15 for three months of access. that's the cost of only one month for most subscription based MMOs. what i really like is the ability to custom tailor searches, it's much more in depth than gw2spidy which i was using previously.

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