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Plethora of Trading Post Questions


When I read this email I felt like I was on some rapid fire question game show with only a few seconds for each answer. So I decided to take my time and slowly craft answers that would help both Tim here as well as anyone else with the same unspoken questions in their mind. Here is the original email:

"I've been making a few silvers on mighty amulet, but someone's been undercutting me lately so I think someone else is onto it. I also use http://gw2tp.net/ to find good flipping items. Usually it's just crafting materials and I've made a bit there too. I just started looking into unidentified *color* dye, but haven't made anything from there yet. I've been putting buy orders for leveling gear (greens) and only a few of my buys have been filled, but I always make a couple silver when they sell. I tried mystic forging major sigils, but it didn't work  very well. How much do you need to put in before it averages out? In your blog it said that you would have to put a pretty big investment in to average out bad luck. I bought a few low level upgrade jewels which are coming in fast enough, but I'm not sure how they'll sell, but we'll see.

I'm looking for shorter term flips. What kind of things do you usually flip when you want to sit at the TP and trade for a bit? What kind of profits do you get when you do this? 

How fast do you usually make gold? If you started at 10g, how long would it take you to get to 20g? I'm not really sure how fast or how much I'm making right now, because I'm still farming other places and selling things that I pick up so it would be hard to say.

I have about 15g to play with right now with at least another 5 in buy/sell orders. What kind of markets would you recommend?

Sorry for all the questions, I just started a couple days ago and I'm still not sure how it's supposed to work.


Allow me to paraphrase your questions and answer them one at a time, as best I can.
Q: I want faster flips, where can I find them?

A: First off, congrats to you Tim. You've done in a few days what most people take weeks to accomplish. I assume you already know how to calculate profit and all that good stuff. Now what you need is experience. To get that, I do actually recommend short term flipping. Websites like Gw2tp are not going to help you with that as much as you'd think. (I recommend GoldWars2 instead btw, but you can use whatever you want!) What you need are consistent money makers that can always get you 1 to 10 copper per transaction, times a thousand transactions per day. Believe it or not, these aren't as rare as you'd think.

Here are 50 flipping markets, many of which act the way I've described, especially the crafting materials.

Q: How fast do You usually make gold?
A: I tend to make back 5%-15% of my investment back within 24 hours and 20%-30% if I am going long term with a flip (3+ days). Instead of flat numbers, you need to look at earnings as percentages of investments. If you have a gold, then you will want to have 1.5 to 1.15 gold the next day according to this standard.
You can take risks of course to increase that percentage, but you will eventually make mistakes and the percentages will average out probably to a similar amount. Go with the surefire method of flipping small percentages instead.
Q: I have 15 gold, where should I spend it to make more?
A: There is no perfect answer to this question. But let me advise you on how to spend it. Break up your markets into many different disciplines and item types. Basically, diversify like crazy and avoid over-committing to any one strategy, even ones you are sure will make you lots of gold. Try to invest at least 5-10 of your gold, but keep a solid amount (5ish) for any random market opportunities that you find with the tools you currently utilize.
Good luck, and feel free to ask more questions. Maybe join our private trading forum as well? There are a lot of heavy hitters in that forum besides myself that you can feed off of. In fact, I just did a post on lessons I learned trading weapons and armor. Check it out if you can!

Taking Advantage of Your Gold


Someone wrote me an email that was only one line, but it really effected me. It was something similar to:

"Now I get it, you're just using your blog to make gold from other players."

This statement is so wrong that I felt the need to correct it publicly, just in case other people feel the same way. It also fits coming right after the 5 day series on great searches you can use at the trading post.

The idea here is simple, I invest in a market before I tell everyone on the blog about it. I personally do not do this, and it probably wouldn't work out the way someone who thinks this is imagining. Just because I mention something is an easy flip does not mean that the sell price will go up. In most cases, the buy order will increase and potentially meet the sales price, making the item no longer profitable. In rare cases, especially when it comes to speculation, the price could climb enough to increase the buy order, making it only remains profitable to trade if you knew what was going to happen before hand.

While it is potentially possible for me to make gold off the advice I give you, I have yet to try it. To be fair, I do tell people on the forum what I'm going to talk about on the blog from time to time, especially big speculative posts. This gives them an opportunity to try the method before everyone else, and potentially they can take advantage of any over-reaction to the post. Which definitely does happen from time to time. I personally do not do this, but I have no way of stopping others from trying it. Like I said already, the buy order will just reach the sell order in many cases, rendering most speculation pointless. If you get clever about it and speculate based on markets that will be indirectly effected by the post, then that's probably going to work out better for you. That's kind of what happened with the infamous grape pie filling post on reddit.

Think about what I do give to people and consider just how hard it would be for me to take advantage of it. 50 Great Items to Flip? What am I going to do, buy out thousands of all 50 items? No, I just showed you 50 completely random markets that I have used to make good amounts of gold. There are enough covered that the overall effect on each will be minimal from having listed 50 at once. Then there's the 5 day series on great searches. Most of those searches show more than ten items, so once again the impact is spread out amongst many different markets. Also, these particular markets had VERY LARGE gaps between the buy and sell orders. So in most cases, they still remained profitable even after I revealed them to the public.

I would make far more gold by not telling you the markets I play. Even if the price randomly spikes, it will never be as profitable long term as it would have been if I kept a market secret.

While I do agree it's potentially possible for me to take advantage of what I'm going to share with you on the blog, I really have no incentive to do so. I no longer need to buy anything in the game, and I certainly don't need any more gold. My goal is to stay in the mindset of someone who is struggling and needs gold, so I tend to focus in on the easy to average markets. These are gateway strategies that help players get out of bankruptcy and head towards true success on the trading post.

I'm loking forward to continuing to help you improve your trading post game. If members of the forum choose to use my early warnings as opportunities to speculate, then they are still taking a very large risk in doing so. That is their prerogative and I'm sure that many enjoy the act of gambling on such things. But personally I have yet to attempt to take advantage of any post I write here on the blog.

A Week of Great Searches - Day 5


Here is your first search criteria for the trading post.

If you don't know how to flip already, I suggest reading the Damn, This is a Gold Guide post.

If you were a member of the private forum, then you already saw these 5 great searches and were able to take advantage of them prior to the vast majority of people online. Consider joining for the next series I do!

A Week of Great Searches - Day 4


Here is your first search criteria for the trading post.

If you don't know how to flip already, I suggest reading the Damn, This is a Gold Guide post.

If you are a member of our private forum, then you can view all 5 of the great searches here today instead of waiting.

A Week of Great Searches - Day 3


Here is your first search criteria for the trading post.

If you don't know how to flip already, I suggest reading the Damn, This is a Gold Guide post.

If you are a member of our private forum, then you can view all 5 of the great searches here today instead of waiting.

Razing Expectations - Flame and Frost Patch Live


I know that currently I'm doing a five part segment on the blog about trading post searches, but I think the latest patch deserves a little screen time here.

I am definitely enjoying Flame and Frost: The Razing! Coolest thing so far has been selling my stockpile of Black Lion Chests due to the new Molten Alliance Skins. I recommended on the Private Forums that people should look for opportunities when these Black Lion Chests fall in price for the periods between major patches and game updates. After Christmas, this happened, as the chests fell below 4 copper at times. Now they are up to 8 copper and slowly rising. So after this patch dies down and the Black Lion Chest price along with it, look to pick these up for cheap once more. You know for sure that this is one economic system which ArenaNet is never going to get tired of using.

What are you looking forward to in this patch? Personally I'm excited to try out some new gear in WvW. Let me know what you're looking forward to and what experiences you've had already with this new patch.

Good Luck and Have Fun!


A Week of Great Searches - Day 2


Here is your second search criteria for the trading post.

If you don't know how to flip already, I suggest reading the Damn, This is a Gold Guide post.

If you are a member of our private forum, then you can view all 5 of the great searches here today instead of waiting.

A Week of Great Searches - Day 1


Here is your first search criteria for the trading post.

If you don't know how to flip already, I suggest reading the Damn, This is a Gold Guide post.

If you are a member of our private forum, then you can view all 5 of the great searches here today instead of waiting.

A Week of Great Searches for GW2 Flippers


From Monday to Friday of next week (3/25 - 3/29) I will be showcasing 5 amazing searches for making gold from flipping. These will showcase markets you probably have never seen before, many of which have remained a secret despite their profitable nature. Some are right under your nose, while others are extremely well hidden. All you have to do is type in the search criteria into the trading post and then find the best deals you want to play!

On the forum, I have placed a post here for private viewing by members only, that showcases all 5 searches before they appear on the blog next week.

Check Your Ego at the Trading Post


We all have egos, even when playing a video game. The most pious among us still want some level of recognition for their actions and naturally feel slighted when life is unfair to them. Just because you can hide these emotions does not mean that you're immune to experiencing them.

Personally, I am extremely hot tempered and brutally critical of my own gaming performance. Anything below perfection sets me off. So when my ego gets bruised by the failure to sell items or poorly played trading, I can occasionally turn reckless.

It's kind of like when a gambler loses a few times in a row and then doubles down in order to make up for the losses. Instead of sticking to a solid plan, he or she decides to increase risk at the potential of increased reward.

On the trading post, you really need to check your ego at the door. For people like me, that's not easy, but it is do-able. Part of the way you avoid such situations is to stop assuming that you're owed anything.

You do not deserve to win. Ever. You earn the gold you get through long periods of careful decision making and by learning from your mistakes along the way. Don't double down in order to make up for past losses, as that's based on the false premise that you were owed something from the beginning.

Market Masochist Markco


There has been a tremendous amount of fallout from the epic 50 item post, like Reddit's reaction to Grape Pie Filling exploding. As a result, the blog has seen a tremendous amount of traffic, and I personally see the reaction to that epic post becoming a permanent boost to the audience here. Just like the Damn, This is a Gold Guide flipping experiment showed that anyone can make gold on the Trading Post with minimal effort.

I'm no stranger to massive blog followings, in fact, my biggest blog had over 12,000 readers. It took some work, but I managed to create long lasting strategies that didn't ruin the markets because so many people read the same advice. It's time I put those core concepts to work on this blog.

I have covered fast flipping many times over, and on the Private Forums I gave a great guide to the Mystic Forge, Bag Opening, Salvaging, and three other key strategies. So what could I possibly go over next?

I think it's time for week long flipping. Why it works, how you can participate, and how we can avoid stepping on each others toes in the process. Part of this strategy requires education. You should do the following after joining this blog.

Educate Yourself

1. Go back and read previous posts. You will get great ideas that many have forgotten about. Anyone over-investing due to one of my blog posts will eventually become frustrated and the market will return to normal.

2. Think not just about a particular item or strategy, but rather, focus in on other areas of the economy that will change as a result of the post. Learn how different areas of the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post connect with one another.

3. Avoid investing too much of your money into any one market. Always have a way out whether it's crafting or just selling to the highest buy order at the time (some markets don't have a lot of demand, making this impossible if you over invest!).

4. You must understand the basics of over and undercutting. You can find them in the Damn, This is a Gold Guide post in case you have no idea what I'm talking about. Know that placing a buy order puts you at the front of a line of buyers for the same amount, but posting a sell order puts you at the very end of any equally priced items.

Tips for Weekly Flipping

1. Timing Your Flips

Very simply put, long term flipping is about buying Monday to Thursday and selling Friday to Sunday. If you look on sites like GW2Spidy, you will see that many items follow a trend where they are cheaper in the beginning of the week but then spike during the weekend. Usually this rise in price is enough to make a profit, assuming of course that you used buy orders earlier in the week. Rarely will you be able to just buy out normal listings and then flip. Besides, every copper counts, especially when you are selling thousands of items at a time.

2. Avoid Armor

Armor, and other non stacking items in your inventory, really take a long time to sell because you can only take out and list as many items as you can carry. Unless of course you like spending hours on the Trading Post per gold earned, then avoid armor and similar items like it at all costs.

3. Avoid Over-Posting and Re-Posting

I would wait until at least the next week before re-posting your items. You should also avoid posting every single item you possess at one time. If you have 2,000 of item x, then you might want to only list 100 at a time to see how quickly it sells. Once you are comfortable with the markets then you will have a better understanding of this.

4. Small Profits Are Big Wins

In many cases, it's the smaller profits (1-5 copper per item) that pay out the best with this strategy. Most people wouldn't even think of playing with an item that makes them one copper, let alone one copper after a week of waiting. But in many cases, it's the one copper items that sell the fastest! Always look and see if an item that has a one copper profit has a large volume of buy and sell orders.

Find Your Own Markets

You really need to learn how to crawl (forum term I use to describe this) through the trading post and find the best markets. However, unless you constantly write down the prices all day long then you're only going to have a small piece of the information you require to make educated buying/selling decisions. You need help, and I definitely recommend Gold Wars 2 for getting the necessary assistance. [I do not own that service FYI]

If you don't have the funds to purchase such a tool, then I highly recommend getting your hands dirty more often on the Trading Post. Take a look at the different categories of items that can be sold, and just freaking trudge through entire sections of armor, crafting materials, trinkets, pets, dyes, etc. Before these great tools arrived, that's how I found my markets. In fact, I have looked at every single item in the game at least once already.

I hope this post helps all the new people that are joining, and maybe even the old timers will get something out of it. Remember to subscribe, as my email sending robot has a few amazing tips for you. While the robot sends the messages, I personally read and respond to every one of your questions you send back.

We're Not Underground

/Gets on Soapbox

One of the comments on Reddit called this blog, and others like it, something along the lines of an "underground trading website." As if the advice on this blog was dangerous and black market style trading. If anything, the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Blog is going to shed new light on this game and improve the economy overall. I am absolutely dedicated to making YOU as much gold as possible, with strategies that not only work, but teach you to think on your own. I believe that's why I can write about any game with an economy and quickly grow a following. Because this stuff WORKS.

It's not about the strategies or the speculation, but rather, the way people can be taught to think for themselves and better their lives. Yeah, I said it, this blog could actually improve your life. Laziness extends into gaming, and it is through education that you can rekindle the human spirit. Deep stuff, I know, but you learn a thing or two about helping and teaching people through blogging.

I think I over-blogged today, so I'll take a break and get back to my concise posts tomorrow.

Leveling Crafting Costs Too Much Gold


Hastily set goals can seriously screw you over when it comes to the trading post. Crafting is a great example. Let's say you want to level from 0 - 400 in any crafting discipline. You're looking at a ridiculous amount of gold, but you can compound the problem by just buying the supply of materials that is readily available on the trading post. So instead of cutting costs in half with buy orders and being patient, you can recklessly spend your fortune on these materials.

While patience with buy orders is certainly a lesson you can take from this post, you should also consider dividing your goal up into smaller goals. You could attempt to go up 25 levels per day in your discipline. Better yet, you could place buy orders today for the levels you want to get tomorrow and thus not have to wait a day between leveling.

Even better, why not look at what's valuable that you're crafting and possibly level up on patterns that aren't necessarily a lot of experience at the moment but do help make up the cost of the leveling process.

Lastly, I want to point out that max level crafting disciplines aren't all they're cracked up to be. In many cases, it's the early and mid level items (or pre-item parts) that have the best turn around. When selling those items, your buyers are usually other crafters looking to speed level!

Market Fallout After Epic Post


Yesterday I posted 50 Easy Items to Flip, which caused massive unrest amongst all 50 markets.

Before I get into how these items have moved in the past 24 hours, let me just say thank you to all the people I found who linked to that article.

Guild Wars 2 Forum
MMO Champion

Some of the 50 items have already seen increases of 20 copper for minimum buy orders. Anyone who got in on these early will have some fast and easy gold from those markets. These are all the people jumping on the bandwagon attempting to make a quick gold.

It is best to ride the current storm that we've created and be wary that the buy order price will eventually go back down (in most of the 50 cases). Keep in mind that thousands of people have been made aware of these killer flipping markets. So it may take a week or two for interest to die down and for maximum profit to return. That being said, in may cases you will still be able to turn a profit off whatever items you manage to acquire (if you're late to the party).

Don't be discouraged if some of the markets have become unprofitable. By Friday their price will rise enough to at least make something for your efforts. And by next weekend the difference between highest buy order and lowest sale order will hopefully be relatively normal.

Depending on how far along you are in the flipping process, your strategy will be different:

1. You bought early and fast, placing buy orders as soon as you were aware of this post (forum goers had a week long heads up to prepare).

If that's the case, then you're going to want to continue holding on to your items until their buy order prices will earn you a profit. At that point, feel free to sell most of your stock to people who are placing buy orders. If you want to use the selling price and undercut by a copper, I would wait another week.

2. You bought late or are buying today.

Place your buy orders at the current highest amount. Don't overcut. Then, on Friday and Saturday of this week attempt to make back a small profit. Anything that doesn't sell can be sold next week. Avoid placing too many buy orders on items that are already close to the lowest sell order.

50 Items You Can Flip for Profit


Here are 50 items I (and people I know) can recommend as good gold makers on the Trading Post. You can easily flip these using my day trading advice in the "Damn, This is a Gold Guide" post, but you should also look into long term flipping by trading weekly (place buy orders early week, sell weekend). Keep in mind that many of these items will get out of whack from being posted here and spread across the inter-webs, but over time they should provide you with good fallback markets when you need to flip.

1. Bay Leaf
2. Cherry Pie Filling
3. Ball of Dough
4. Shimmering Dust
5. Blackberry
6. Orange
7. Bone Chip
8. Tiny Venom Sac
9. Large Skull
10. Blueberry
11. Head of Garlic
12. Vial of Blood
13. Bone Shard
14. Potato
15. Raspberry
16. Strawberry
17. Grape
18. Small Fang
19. Blood Dye
20. Mini Yaotl the Fierce
21. Silk Helm Strap
22. Unidentified Dye
23. Seasoned Wood Log
24. Minor Rune of Altruism
25. Mighty Chain Legs
26. Thick Cloth Gloves
27. Mighty Seeker Gloves
28. Mighty Amulet
29. Mighty Ring
30. Garnet Copper Stud of Might
31. Pearl
32. Adorned Snowflake
33. Minor Sigil of Generosity
34. Yam
35. Mithril Shield Backing
36. Coriander Seed
37. Bowl of Tarragon Cream Sauce
38. Jute Tunic Panel
39. Orrian Truffle
40. Chocolate Bar
41. Giver's Embroidered Silk Insignia
42. Apothecary's Intricate Silk Insignia
43. Carrion Intricate Linen Insignia
44. Norn Sword
45. Snow Truffle
46. Passion Fruit
47. Bowl of Chocolate Omnomberry Frosting
48. Tarragon Leaves
49. Spinach Leaf
50. Sesame Seed

Remember, everyone is going to try these today, tomorrow, and this week. So keep an open mind and come back to this list if things get too crazy. Maybe spread this around to other websites and increase the demand for these items... thus increasing your profit should you get in on this early. Long term, this can provide even the late comers with gold over time, but anyone who sees this early enough will also make out pretty well short term. Members of the private trading post forum were shown this list almost a week prior to me releasing it, and several of them gave away their best markets (so you can thank them as well).

Price You Should Use More Often


Here's an awesome tip that was mailed to me in game. Check out the screenshot below for why "7" is the best ending digit for any item's price.

Basically, a buyer will do silly mathematically gymnastics when they try to decipher the value of a 7. They will round down or up depending on whichever is better for their situation. When buying they round down and when selling they round up.

As a seller, try to use 7's in your pricing as often as possible and you'll notice more auctions selling simply because of the affect it has on the people who buy from you.

Off topic but coming up tomorrow is the post where I lay out 50 amazing markets for day and week trading. If you want to know them before anyone else, join the forum!

Which Markets are the Most Profitable?


Besides this video, I thought it would be best to include a similar, written blog post on the subject (for those people who can't watch the video at the moment).

I would argue that the most profitable markets in Guild Wars 2 are also the most violent. By violent I mean they look like the following price graph:

Notice how the price goes up and down over time? That's good. The faster this pattern occurs and the more often it repeats, the better. To the uninformed consumer, this kind of market is annoying. They never know what the price of the item they want will be. But for people who are placing buy orders and listing the won auctions when the price goes back up, these fluctuations are a beautiful thing.

Instead of buying whenever the price hits rock bottom, you should aim for somewhere a little closer towards the middle. Same goes for selling, but in reverse. You want to maintain a profit but not wait until the price gets absolutely to the tippy top of the wave on the chart.

Guild Wars 2 is unique in that you can place buy orders, thus acquiring cheap goods without even being online. But the way to ensure that your trading post is full of ready to sell items each time you log in is centered around the fact that you will have a difficult time buying items for the absolute lowest amount that they can trade for. You're much better aiming at 50%-70% of the price point you want to sell at. The same is true for selling, you won't sell many for the max, but rather, you'll want to aim for somewhere 10%-20% lower in most cases.

Day trading and weekly trading are a lot of fun in Guild Wars 2, provided that you're not in a rush and that you have some experience flipping items for a profit. This strategy does not work the same as the one I outlined in Damn, This is a Gold Guide. The biggest difference being that you want to place buy orders well below the current highest, instead of just overcutting by a copper.

You therefore need to pay attention to where the biggest walls are, as they will often be the top or bottom of the price curve. This happens because of all the people following the other strategy. The price gets to the bottom or top, lots of people place buy and sell orders, but they don't get purchased. Therefore a wall forms of items that just sit there. It's a really telling mark for how high or low the price can get.

Tomorrow I will announce 50 markets that are extremely profitable if you play them the way I've been describing in this post. If you want a head start, you can join the forum.

Flipping Tips for Unidentified Dyes


If you have 15+ gold and want to know a fast way to earn 1-5 gold every day, then you can play the Unidentified Dye market. At the moment, I am trading at approximately (not giving away an exact number because then you will all freak out and use that amount) 12-14 silver and selling at 15-17 silver. No I'm not using 13 and 16 lol. Good try though!

Actually, there are no set numbers that I use for buy and sell orders with unidentified dyes. I take a look at the largest buy and sell orders and try to over or undercut appropriately. I know that dyes can dip as low as 13 silver and rise as high as 17 silver in a single day without breaking a sweat. Use those values as your starting point.

So if I see 4,000 dyes priced at 13 silver 50 copper, then I'm going to put my buy orders up for 13 silver 51 copper. Sure, there are probably a total of 2,000 dyes ahead of me between all the other buy orders, but eventually my auctions will be reached. But the odds of a 4,000 dye wall getting purchased is slim at best (unless of course the price is way too appealing for my fellow flippers).

I want a turn around of 2 to 3 hours for buy orders and 1 hour for sell orders. That way I can have inventory by the time I log back in and have the gold back in my hands before I log out.

One thing you're going to want to do is keep track of the amount you bought for. You can use a pen and paper, word document, or just check the items bought tab on the trading post. If you're like me and sell way too many items, then it's difficult to page through and find previous purchases a times.

Today I put a buy order of 100 dyes at a certain amount, spend over 12 gold on them, then sold all for just under 16 gold and 50 copper. The result was basically a little over a gold for me. Considering the fact that this takes seconds to set up, it's really not that hard to do.

Sure, you're only getting back somewhere around 66% of your investment, but it's almost 99% guaranteed to work out. If you have the cash, put this to work and make some easy gold every day.

Members of the forum have been shown this market as well as 49 other easy flipping markets. On Monday 3/18/2013 I will reveal all of the 50 markets on this blog. So if you want to become a forum member, now is a pretty good time to take advantage of some insider trading before all the markets go live to the public.

Confessions of an Instant Gratification Auctioneer


I have this little problem. It begins when I place a few dozen or even hundred buy orders. Within minutes, I look at my gold count and feel the urge to cancel all the buy orders. This urge becomes stronger the more items I win through buy orders and the more money I get back from flipping in a single play session. Within an hour I'm itching to cancel everything and see what my gold is now up to.

This is a tremendous waste of time! Fight the urge to cancel buy orders at all costs! Having to re-enter all the numbers again in order to create new buy orders costs you time which therefore costs you gold you could be earning else where.

Time is money! Fight the urge to cancel.

I like to cancel buy orders after 24 hours and sell orders after one week. These are simple, solid rules to live by.

5 Ideas to Make You More Gold on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post


This video will show you 5 (technically 6) ideas you need to fully understand in order to make gold on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. They are:

1. Profit % Expectations
2. Mystic Forge Conspiracy
3. Shiny New Stuff
4. Proper Diversification
5. Selling and Buying Properly
6. The .85 Rule

Please share this video (or post) on reddit, twitter, facebook, forums, etc in order to get it out to the maximum number of people. I really think that a lot of new and old players will learn at least something from my perspective on the trading post in this video. Thanks for your help!

Saving Gold to Farm Gold


If you're serious about making gold through farming, then you're going to have food buffs up at all times, even in WvW. While gold find doesn't get applied to player kills in WvW, the magic find does. Also, magic find and gold find are added to your monster kills in WvW so that alone is a good reason to have it on.

How do you get great buffs for farming from food? You choose usually between the following bars:

The Omnomberry bar gives 30 magic find, 40 gold find, and 10 experience per kill.

The raspberry peach bar gives 26 magic find, 30 gold find, and 10 experience per kill.

Which is the smarter buy? I personally use raspberry peach bars over omnomberry bars. The 4% magic find and 10% gold find isn't worth it in WvW, and isn't that significant of an improvement to justify an extra 2 silver 12 copper investment per half hour. I'm quite content saving a little money and settling with the Raspberry Peach Bars.

Hint: Raspberries are a great item for flipping purposes!

Poll: Do You Have Consistent Gold Making Strats?


The trading post is a whimsical (seemingly) beast at times, but through the terrible storm we can often find an oasis that earns gold consistently. This could be a weapon that you craft and sell, materials you combine in the mystic forge, or just a random trinket you like to buy low and sell high with. For today's poll, I'd like you to comment on this post regarding whether or not you have a consistent way to make gold.

There's no need to actually discuss the details of your methods, I'm just curious how many people have managed to find some. Either from reading this blog, personal research, or maybe the tp extractor forums.

In case you're curious how many of these I personally know of, I can count on one hand the number of always profitable markets I play. Some things just remain great even when the rest of the economy struggles. The majority of my time on the trading post is spent cycling through dozens of strategies to check and see what's working now (whether that be for buying orders cheap or selling high).

If you have questions please also leave those comments as well. Perhaps myself and others here can help you.

Big Money from Smaller Profits


In Guild Wars 2, making more than 20% of your initial investment is usually considered a good profit. That's something hard to stomach for most players, especially because you have to wait while your investment (and 80% of the money coming back to you) sits on the trading post. This also means that there is now way to just double your money or follow a single, powerful strategy to success. You need to innovate, avoid cutting corners, and increase your profit percentage of profit.

During this process, I personally came across an interesting formula for finding higher percentage profits. The cheaper an item, the more likely it will give you back more for your investment.

So let's say there is a ring on the auction house going for 50 copper and it retails for 2 silver. After I buy, sell, and collect, I will have received 1 silver 20 copper in profit. Now let's look at another, more expensive ring. It costs 20 silver and the buy order is 9 silver 80 copper. After flipping the item, I will receive 1 silver 20 copper in profit. Do you see the difference in value here? Instead of dropping 9 silver 80 copper onto the auction house I can deposit 50 copper for the same profit margin.

I've spoken about this concept in a round about way on several posts in the past month.  Like a teacher, I need to get it into your head that the "smaller" markets could potentially make you a lot more than the more expensive ones.

3 Gold Per Minute


Mystic Forge combining can make absurd amounts of money. Yesterday I ran out of skill points converting crafting materials from one tier to the next one up, at a rate of literally 3 gold per minute. That's how long it took to buy materials, combine in the forge, and sell for a huge profit.

The key to playing the mystic forge is to quickly look up the validity of combining materials. So you need to memorize the following formulas:

Tier A -> Tier B
5x Dust + Philosopher Stone + 50x Tier A + 1 Tier B < 16x Tier B

I use 16 because that's the approximate amount of items you will get back per attempt. If you want to tip the scales further in your favor, then you will want it to be closer to 12 or even lower of Tier B is greater than the other mats I listed on the left side of the equation.

That's one method for combining, but you can also forge together things like ore, wood, and cloth. Those have a similar but slightly different equation.

5x Dust + Philosopher Stone + 250x Tier A + 1 Tier B < 25x Tier B

Know the formulas and  you will be able to pounce on these kinds of opportunities as they occur naturally in the economy or after unforeseen changes to the game take effect.

Masterwork More Profit Than Rares


When it comes to armor, I find that masterwork items get me more profit than rares of similar levels. Sure, the rares can usually net me a larger amount of silver per transaction, but the masterwork items move so much faster. Especially at key levels when players look at their character and go... "crap I need to upgrade!" When they get to that point, they try rares and think, "Damn, I can't afford six of these rare pieces of armor and a great weapon. Let me buy the great rare weapon and then fill out my armor / trinket slots with masterwork pieces."

When it comes to weapons, I find that rares do far better than masterwork. In most cases, there are very few masterwork weapons even worth flipping because they are all selling for practically the same cost as the vendor amount. With fees you usually can't even get close to a profit.

That's my reasoning for why those two conditions exist. Think I'm right or wrong?

In the gold guide / forum I outlined a very simple strategy for turning 1 gold into 50 over the course of  a week using these ideas plus a few others. Check it out!

We Want More Economic Disasters


Whenever bot bans occur, there are sweeping changes in the supply of items throughout the game. This economic turmoil may confuse the average consumer, but it sends jolts of adrenaline through the trading post players.

We need more events like the monthly crafting and salvaging. I hope that next month is mystic forging! But instead of saying things like "craft x rares of any type" you should be far more specific. Like craft 100 of each discpline or mystic forge 25 of each tier of crafting materials. Something along those lines to cause maximum demand across all the markets that could possibly be affected.

You see, guild wars 2's economy is really only based on a number of systems that interweave with one another. Demand is usually dependent upon how weaker items can be transformed into stronger ones and not the fact that the weaker item can be used by itself.

Take weapons and armor for example. The vast majority of sub level 80 weapons and armor have prices based on the runes/sigils they contain. This is because people can salvage the items with master or mystic salvage kits and get back the runes/sigils 80% of the time. There's also the fact that certain white/fine items salvage into far more valuable materials, so that sets the same kind of bottom for the market.

If you want to gamble your way to success, there are plenty of opportunities as long as the market doesn't remain stable. If it reaches equilibrium then you have a 50/50 chance of being successful when gambling, which is not what you want.

Since the game is global and people are on all hours of your time zone, the only real cycles are weekly and seasonal. You buy early in the week and sell on the weekend, well at least that's the case for most items anyway. Most of your success will come from timing buy orders and sell orders appropriately.

What Guild Wars 2 needs to continue exploring is ways to offset the equilibrium of the game, setting off little chain reactions across all the parts that interact. This creates opportunity for people who truly understand all the ways to salvage, open bags, craft, flip, and use the mystic forge.

Take bot bans for example. Most people by now know that the price of tier 5/6 mats go up in price when bots get banned. You can make money buying when it's announced and selling the mats as the price goes up. However, you can make far more combining tier 5 materials into the mystic forge to create random amounts of tier 6 materials, then sell the tier 6 stuff.

Guild Wars 2 should look into boosting the popularity and power of worthless items in their game. I think they had a good start with some of their changes, like for sticks of butter, but more needs to be done. And they also need to work on the items that aren't worthless, but sit at the bottom price dictated by an outside system. Like salvaging certain items to get materials. You know you're going to get x materials on average and they are worth y per salvage attempt. So the item is always around y + fees but rarely less than that. To me that's equilibrium and things need to be shaken up in order to provide opportunities.

What you can do in the mean time is get a better understanding of how all the systems in the game interact with one another. Everything from crafting to salvaging.

6 Part Gold Guide Incoming


I am henceforth dedicating myself to the gold guide and forum I've created alongside this blog. Not only will I continue to deliver new posts to this blog, but I will now continuously be adding podcasts, videos, and written guides to the Trading Post Extractor on a weekly basis. My goal is one video, one podcast, and one new written guide per week. It will be a challenge, but the amount of value I can bring to this forum and gold guide will be well worth the effort.

The TP Extractor Forums (which now contain the first six installments of my gold guide for Guild wars 2) will continue to be a thriving community of extremely active and energetic individuals sharing the same capitalistic goals. Only now you'll have a lot more Markco to absorb on a weekly basis. Which is what I envisioned all along, but devastating events in real life have held me back until now. I'm done coasting and now it's time to deliver with the energy and fervor I enjoy bringing to my blogs on MMO economies.

This week's update is mostly the 6 part gold guide I've added, and I will have a video as well as a podcast probably by Friday. The six sections are as follows:

Basic Training
I. Mystic Forge
II. Opening Bags
III. Crafting
IV. Salvaging
V. Flipping
VI. Kharma to Gold

Thank you for continuing to support this website, whether it's through buying forum/guide time, sending me emails, or just reading the blog. All three are greatly appreciated.

[Full Disclosure] Current members will receive these new updates for no additional charge. I have, however, increased the cost to become a new member as well as renew an old membership by approximately $1 per month. To be fair for those who want to use the old price, I have left an option to purchase a full year at the original rate per month. [/Full Disclosure]

Let me know what I can do to make your experience on this blog, guide, and forum as epic as you envision it to be,


March Money Maker with Monthly Achievement


Crafting Materials Are the March Money Maker
The monthly was announced for March and it looks like crafters are going to get hit HARD. A huge number of masterwork or better items need to be crafted in order to complete the monthly.

I'm going to layout a collection of tips which will help you make gold during March as well as April. But first, here's a quick horror story from an email that I received today: 

"Hi Christopher,

I've been following your blog for a few months now, and have amassed what for me is a big total of about 140 gold.  I realize this is small peanuts compared to those that play the tp more often.  I pretty much just use it as a supplement to my normal income from just playing.

Awhile back you had mentioned thinking on your own leveling experience and try to use that as a guide for what to invest in.

Well I did that and I had found a nice little market in low level green armors.

I was making about between 2-3 silver per flip and life was peachy.  Well a few days ago (Feb 26th) I had just collected my buy orders and reposted at the normal price.  When I came back the next day (Feb 27th) I saw that someone had posted a sell order a little over half of my sell orders, and a few people had done the normal undercutting you see.

Since the undercut was so heavy I bought up the low sell orders and reposted back up around the normal price.  The total investment ended up being around 6 gold to buy all the low sells in all the markets and then relist.  I was going to make a profit on these items still since they had been undercut SOOO low.

My stock started selling and I started seeing the $ come in, then I got back on the next day (Feb 28th after monthly reset) to see how things were going, I only had about 75 silver waiting.  What's going on I wondered.  I checked my listings and saw that the market across the board had plummeted.  Then I saw the new March monthly that had started that earlier night:

Master Crafter
Craft items of masterwork quality or higher.


Everyone and their dog is crafting low level greens and flooding the market.  So now I've got probably 5 gold of stock sitting on the TP with what looks to be a solid month of constant undercutting.

I'm unsure what to do here.  I can leave everything up and hope that after most people get their monthly or March ends the market will bounce back, or I can remove my listings and vendor them to at least get some of it back.  I'm just not sure.  They're pretty much at all-time lows across the board so you would have to assume they'll bounce back, but there's the added uncertainty of whether they'll bounce all the way back to normal, or if it can bounce back before ANet puts crafting on the monthly again.

I'm not in extreme need of that gold, but I hate having it just sitting there.  What would you do?

Sorry for the long email...  Thank you for your time and for running the blog!"

OK, to answer this person's question and make you all gold, here's my recommendations for March into April.

All masterwork items are going to plummet in price. But the cost of their materials are going to go up. Where can you get materials from besides farming? Loot bags. So one of the best things you can do right now, especially early in the month, is buy up a ton of loot bags for all levels, then sell the materials you get from opening them. Might take some research for each market, but look up online what each bag turns into and you'll have a good idea. Some of the more specific bags don't have a lot they can turn into, so figuring out how much they are worth is far easier.

You can also just buy crafting materials now and slowly sell them off slowly throughout the month. I wouldn't wait until the last minute, but rather, sell in small bunches. That way you take a minimal risk in the event of the market crashing back down because most people have finished their monthly (there's no way to tell when that will happen).

To make money in April and beyond, I would recommend buying out created masterwork items that are valuable normally without the monthly achievement. There are going to be TONS of severely under priced items throughout the entire month. This could be a colossal opportunity to buy entire inventories worth of goods for use not just in April but the rest of the year (if you have the space and gold to invest).

Rares will also go down then up in price, since the achievement says masterwork or higher. So I would focus in on where rares first appear (around 35) and masterwork (around 20). Buy up huge numbers of trinkets, underwater weapons, and anything else that you have experience selling at those levels.

Great Example of Market Cycle and Gold Making


Patrick wrote a lengthy email focusing in on his recent finds on the trading post, along with two examples of what he's talking about. I know it's long, but give it a read as well as my answer below.

"Hey Markco,

First off, I'd like to thank you for the work you put in your blog!

I recently got into playing the Trading Post and find it quite a lot of fun, I even made a couple of gold since I started, thanks to your blog for the most part.

At the moment I'm focusing on flipping quickly with a relatively low margin, but for the most part safely. I think I'll be getting into flipping more expensive items including weapons, armor and trinkets as soon as I can spare a couple of gold that can sit on the TP for a couple of days. I feel I'm still lacking the experience to know which items to look into, since supply and demand are generally relatively low compared to consumables and mats, I had more success with high-volume, low-price items so far.

I found that with these low-price items, some fluctuation in the price within one day is pretty normal, I may have even found some regularities regarding price and time of day for some items, but of course that could just be a coincidence aswell. However, one thing I noticed in the last couple of days are some weird fluctuations. Look at Rawhide Leather Straps and Jagged Metal Scraps, for example. The prices for these items rose from about 10c and 20c each, to about 50c and 70c on average, right in the night of February 1st, and dropped back down to their original prices in the night of March 1st. Unfortunately I was unable to find any mention of these items in any change logs about drop rates or some such.

Do you know anything about those weird prices? What did I miss?

Best regards,
Hey Patrick, thanks for the great question. As I told you in my response, the reason these prices fluctuate so much, even in a 24 hour period, is because people will salvage the items any time they get too cheap. For example, if the price of Jagged Metal Scraps gets lower than the average cost of 2 gold, silver, and iron (they salvage into 1-3 of those three categories) then the salvagers will rapidly increase the price until none are left for cheap. As the prices of gold, silver, and iron get too low (from these same salvagers undercutting), then the price of Jagged Metal Scraps will go back down.

And thus the cycle can repeat daily or even hourly when lots of people are online.

Two Cool Magic Find Tips


Here are two really good magic find tips for those of you building a magic find set that Sterling emailed me about. At the time he had just received an email from me on how to create a magic find set out of Pirate or Explorer runes.

"DO NOT finish your sixth rune bonus. Instead, put in one rune of the other Magic Find runes to get an additional 10% Magic Find. In other words, if you use Traveler's runes, use only five of them and then one of either Pirate or Noble for that bonus 10% (do this with your Aqua breather, too)!

Don't forget to equip a matching rune on your Aqua Breather, or you'll lose your bonus when in water!"
To paraphrase, get all but one rune in your gear of a single magic find set, then get a rune from a different type to achieve the most magic find. You will also need a rune from your primary set of runes in your Aqua Breather, or else you'll lose the set bonus while under water (I had no idea about this one, thanks Sterling!).

I also advocated the use of less than exotic rings since they all have the same magic find and are way cheaper.

Upcoming Blog Carnival Topic for March 15th


Thank you so much for reading this blog. While this isn't my first time starting a community focused around an mmorpg, this has been the most fun so far. The sheer number of quality emails I recieve on a daily basis continue to inspire me and the energy behind these letters is invigorating to say the least. You'll see that in the next couple of days as I will be featuring a lot of your emails in my posts.

Some of you know already, but my life spiraled out of control (almost) six months ago. Two incredibly life changing events, breaking off my engagement and getting rear ended in a car accident, greatly reduced the amount of time I could put into gaming and blogging in general. My time has been spent recovering mostly physically from the accident but also mentally from these experiences. I went from a solid four plus hours of work on my blogs every day to an hour at best.

Recently, I've managed to get back some of that time, albeit slower than I'd like. I have big plans for GW2TP this year, and I'd like to get things rolling by starting a blogging carnival as I have in previous blogs.

Here's how a blogging carnival that I run works. They are rare and everyone does it differently, so pay attention real quick to these simple guidelines.

1. Send me a link to something you wrote or read recently about the carnival's topic.
2. I will feature the link along with a title and description in the blog carnival.

It's that easy. No links back to this blog are required, and even if you don't have a blog you can still participate by highlighting an article elsewhere. These carnivals typically allow even newer bloggers to experience incredible amounts of traffic, and in exchange I get a really great collection of articles to share with my audience. But more importantly, this kind of event promotes the growth of a guild wars 2 trading post community which in turn keeps bloggers writing longer.

The monthly blogging carnival will be hosted on the 15th day of every month. So, in this case, that gives you almost two weeks to get a link in to me by the 14th of March, to then be featured March 15th.

So what's the topic?

Making Gold with Crafting Disciplines

Good luck! Get back to me asap with your link because I'm going to order them based on when I receive them. My email is Markco AT Diablo3GoldGuide DOT net.

Playing with Fire on the Trading Post


As many of you know, I like to publish interesting emails on the blog so that everyone can benefit form the discussion, and not just myself plus the person emailing me. This could include questions, new methods, or even speculation. Today's email is all about manipulating the marketplace for evil capitalistic purposes.

"Hello Markco!

I've registered to your forum, really cool stuff going on there!

Listen I heard of this Trading Post method, it is a bit shady but many people told me it works.

So you basically go in the trading post and you look for an high demanded item, you buy all the supplies then you resell them at double/triple price.

What do you think? It could work?"
Yes, it definitely could work. I wouldn't consider it shady at all, and the person doing the price setting is taking a big risk. Also, I would recommend placing a few for way too much money, then undercutting yourself once or twice so that people think a bidding war is going on. You're still selling for a huge mark up while unsuspecting buyers think they are getting a deal.

"Yup I heard some people making INSANE amount of money, they start with 1000 gold and then they return with triple or even more.

So basically I tested the method with a low cost item, its name is : Rawhide Legging Panel

I Bought ALL the supplies except the 10s listing, 55s, and 5g listing.

I spent around 4,5 gold.

After some hours I got 22s though I noticed people placing listings at lower pricing than mine... basically I got competitors that ruined my monopoly.

I kind of expected that result becauseRawhide Legging Panel is a very popular item, supplies come back fast and so on.

Do you know a range of items that could make this trick work?

Talk Soon Markco!"
There certainly are tons of markets in the game where supply is limited but demand remains the same. Just got to poke around and find them! I actually did this method with a particular food a few weeks ago. It worked for about three hours until a few observant players caught on and undercut me back down to the normal price. I find that the less competition on the item, the longer I can maintain a monopoly. Eventually you do have to know when to quit and take your wins with your losses, which requires quite a bit of knowledge/experience to get just right every time. I still fail but you just got to keep experimenting until you find the right markets to cycle through as well as the best time to strike. Every market is different!

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