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5 Ideas to Make You More Gold on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post

This video will show you 5 (technically 6) ideas you need to fully understand in order to make gold on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. They are:

1. Profit % Expectations
2. Mystic Forge Conspiracy
3. Shiny New Stuff
4. Proper Diversification
5. Selling and Buying Properly
6. The .85 Rule

Please share this video (or post) on reddit, twitter, facebook, forums, etc in order to get it out to the maximum number of people. I really think that a lot of new and old players will learn at least something from my perspective on the trading post in this video. Thanks for your help!


  1. Flenken said...:

    On point 1, I'd stay away from "Profit %" and go with ROI. Profit % is (Sellprice - Fees - Buyprice)/Sellprice, and ROI is (Sellprice - Fees - Buyprice)/Buyprice.

    The reason to use ROI is because you're finding out how much of a return you're getting on the money you're putting INTO the item, rather than what percent of the selling price is a profit. This is a mistake that Goldwars 2 and tpcalc both make. Here's an example:

    Take a random item, and let's say we buy for 1s26c and sell for 1s67c. tpcalc and Goldwars2 (going by the demo video) would report this as a ~9.6% profit, when in reality it's a ~12.7 Return On Investment.

    For a more extreme example, take 1s70c buying and 3s0c selling. They would report it as a profit % of 28.33% when it's actually a 50% return on your investment. You put in 1 gold, you make 50 silver profit.

    ROI is a direct way of knowing how much gold something will actually make you, and given how standard it is in the investing world, I'm surprised that they don't use it.

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